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Favorite Perfumes, a few of my favorite products that I’ve bought straight away each time I run out. New products that I’m stoked to try and a whole lotta good deals in between:beautyacc

Three of my favorite perfumes on mega deal! Narciso for her // Elizabeth and James Nirvana // Miu Miu

Whish Deoderant Wipes — so cool and supposedly limits hair growth! These would be so nice after (or before) the gym, freshening up after a long day. Steal, too! // My life long effort to have everything in my space be beautiful and functional and speak to my aesthetic, I need this toothbrush. Who cares if you leave this one out? // I find myself needing these nail tools often on the road and especially when we’re out of town. Love this pretty little package. // I haven’t done any Fall 2017 trend research but I am starting to see a little bit a of a patter with collegiate striping on things. I dig it and this clutch! // $35 Quay alert! // Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner has been in my make up drawer for years and years, I never found a better match for me, this is $20 which is less than I pay usually and it includes a lipgloss! // Mario Badescu! Another #nsale staple purchase for me! The Rose water spray and drying lotion are my go-tos and the drying lotion is the quickest way to zap a zit! // Are these water bottles the prettiest or WHAT!? I have a whole water bottle drawer so you know nothing will stop me now. // Cashmere Mist is for sure a must-have and I always seem to be running out right around #nsale time. 😉 // I’ve been on the hunt for a passport holder for a long time and this one is super pretty, and also monogrammed, soooo. // Supergoop’s sunscreen is a new favorite of mine and stocking up at a discount is my love language.

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