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Perfect little striped sleeve tee $12! // This Northface Fleece is less than $30 and a must for my boys. On Fall days or under winter jackets to keep warm in those classrooms and gyms that you can’t predict. Love this hooded plaid button up so so much. // Patagonia – Hayes wore his everyday all Winter long, he picked this color which I love! Comes in black too. // Perfect fun lighting bolt shirt for picture day or church. // Freshly Picked (less than $40! This is what us old timers were paying back when she sold at Bijou Market!) // We are doing a lot of hand-offs this Summer while we’re all working so hard on the house and keeping the fam afloat and Russ needs his own car seat – switching is so annoying! This is so sleek! // I love the look of Gazelles on my boys. RED // BLUE. // Somehow we lost ALL our Little Giraffe Blankets. It makes me sad since both my boys had them since they were tiny. Is it still sentimental if they’re not the originals? Such good price! // We have baby books on the floor ALL DAY EVERY DAY since Raleigh loves to pull them off the low shelf, I need something better and this shelf is super cool. // Cal’s birthday is in two weeks and he loves being cozy, this shark sleeping bag is $24 and right up his alley!


I need a new duvet cover so bad. This windowpane seems so easy to style into whatever decor you’ve got going on. // Copper / rose gold lamp with a marble base, done and done. // New shower curtain is on the list too, my husband comes home absolutely destroyed and opens the shower curtain with those grubby hands, RUINED! Making him wash his hands first and buying this for $20! // $20 Marble Tray perfect for little jewelry collections. // I am a sucker for monogram. This turkish towel for one. // Two pillows that would go in any room in my house. ONE TWO // I find myself buying baskets just for fun, these are so pretty! ONE TWO // Easy, beautiful serving tray for display for use, for perfumes in the bathroom. I’ll find a way. // I am in the market for a rad neon light for our new house in the entry, I was planning on doing a custom one but this is half the price (or more) of the quotes I was given and represents me as good as any saying I had come up with.


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