#nsale tops, dresses + shoes

Welcome to Small Fry’s #nsale coverage. No doubt you’ve been bombarded today, but it still remains one of my favorite sales of the year so I am shopping it right along with the rest of the blogging world. This year instead of sending you link after link I am only sharing things I would actually buy and wear. This is going to be the most curated and edited #nsale coverage I’ve ever done and you’ll only find a few items per category but you can rest assured it’s linked with purpose.

Shopping the #nsale is easiest for me by brand or very specific category. I love shopping Topshop and Madewell as a brand category. And then activewear, shoes, tops and dresses (and usually edited down even further to midi or knee length) and jeans on their own.

Let’s get started! 8 tops. Yep, just 8.

Two Dresses and Two pairs of shoes. // Blue Dress // Black Dress // Studded Booties
V-opening shoes, they’re so flattering and modern!dresses

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