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I remember when I was 11 of 12 going mountain biking with my family in Moab and doing an end-over onto the rocks. It was awful. It made me sort of scared to ride my bike after that and so when I did it again in front of my 9th grade crush (die inside) bikes were dead to me. 😉 When I saw the Guardian Bikes crew on Shark Tank I knew I wanted to check this out! (Spoiler alert: they landed a deal with Mark Cuban, go Guardian!)Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.41.50 PM\So they created this Sure Stop technology to prevent this very accident from happening and then also started making bikes for kids since the industry is seriously lacking and who needs this safety measure more than kids?! Guardian BikesThe pad slides that back wheel to a halt keeping the decrease in momentum even through both wheels. Genius! Hayes is outgrowing his bikes like every year so I am stoked to have this big kid bike for him to grow into!Guardian Bikes Look at this face?! He’s so grown up but his baby face flashes through sometimes. Heartbreaking to be honest. 😉Guardian Bikes You guys know I have been wildly enabled by my husband to the point that I don’t do anything hard or hands-on when it comes to building things or home stuff. But I put this bike together by myself and it’s still in one piece. Go me!Guardian Bikes

Disclosure: Guardian sent us this bike to review, which we are so grateful for!

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