lemonade bar!

As promised here is the mixology for the lemonade bar I posted yesterday! This is such a fun one to have while hostessing. Its early enough in the party that I always welcome the distraction for guests while I get last things prepared.Lemonade Bar=PEACH RASPBERRY – Screams summer doesn’t it? Just mash peach puree and raspberry puree and add a heaping teaspoon or less of each (this is for a 6 ounce cup.)Lemonade Bar Lemonade BarBLUEBERRY MINT – Blueberry always has that minty, herby taste to it so i think these compliment each other well! Just muddle the mint by crushing the leaves to release the oils. I like leaving the blueberries whole it makes it for a fun pop of flavor.Lemonade BarBASIL + WATERMELON. This is one of my favorite Summer combos as a side dish or in a jar of lemonade. So good!Lemonade BarLastly, CHERRY + LIME. I’d add grenadine for a more classic taste but lime with a stemmed cherry garnish is the cutest.Lemonade BarOf course guests can make up their own combos and you can have loads more mix-ins but these four are so Summery and fresh and are sure to please!LEMONADE BARAlso, YES to ice, it was making it hard to see the ingredients for these photos but ice is a must and ball ice is even better since its about the same size as all the ingredients I cut up for the drinks. I buy mine in bags from Sonic! Or you can get yourself a pebble ice maker. They’re $3000 usually OR I am excited to buy this Opal version for the new house at only $500, anyone have one?

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  • Robie
    October 30, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    I love fruit yummy I’d just like to eat fruit the rest of my life


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