6th Birthday Cake

I bought this pan months ago thinking I would have our local bakery whip something up for me, but then it turns out that’s a health code violation SO I had to make the cake. In my heart of hearts I am the type of mother who makes from scratch cakes and kills it, so why not start now? This cake was delicious, its SO thick and dense but somehow lighter than air. Like almost a pound cake but so yummy. Its that buttermilk and 5 eggs no doubt.

I used this recipe and followed it to a T making small additions for my altitude – 4.6k feet!My one hack was that I bought the frosting from a bakery. I didn’t trust myself and wanted to be sure I could get the consistency needed right off the bat. So we went wild with the colors and did an “easy” color-blocking. Even still it was a freaking feat for me.Colorblock Cake Baking a cake is a lot like parenting. You see it done all around you, and people are making it look so easy and then you try and you’re like, wow I suck at this. But you focus and measure everything so carefully and then you taste it and it’s amazing and your kids love it. But most importantly, you are proud of it. And maybe the corner is burnt, but the middle is great. And maybe the frosting is a mess, but it does the job and the cake knows it’s got it’s back. Maybe that’s a stretch. But this cake was definitely an act of love and I hope to get better at it. Baking and parenting, that is.

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  • Tiffany Bauman
    July 27, 2017 at 4:01 am

    It’s so awesome to show our kids that we can do things that aren’t perfectly perfect, but we enjoy them and that’s what matters. Not everything has to be magazine ready. Love the cake-and the labor of love!


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