Six Years of Cal

Forgive this walk down memory lane but my second boy Callum is six today! When we started Small Fry he was only 15 months old. He has been apart of this journey as long as he can remember and while we’ve done a really good job at respecting all our kids’ boundaries and letting them be apart of the blog only as much as they choose, I have so many happy memories with really amazing photos to go along with it. So, I wanted to share some of them with you guys today if you’d like!

1. 5 for 15. This one was of our very first posts and both Jenna and I had two crazy active 15 month olds. We knew we needed more ways to occupy them and their growing brains so we researched the best activities for that age and this post came to be! They LOVED it and were so into each activity. They’re not all organically fun for everyone involved, but this one was a hit. It’s still so good. I wish I had all these toys around still for Raleigh now that he’s coming up on the same age range!15monthcollage

2. Tiny Yoga. My Cal is as flexible as they come. He sleeps in full folded lotus sometimes. He has perfect posture at all times, even when he’s been watching a movie for two hours. I loved watching him do these moves and excel. It was one the of the reasons I got him into gymnastics which he really loves, too! He might need to be a ballerino though, he has the body for it 100%.yoga6-680x10243. Feed Me Valentine! When I shot the pictures for them to use on their Valentine Boxes a few years ago, we laughed until we cried at all of Cal’s faces he made. I wish I still had all the shots, but we ended up with this one. And he was so proud of that box. Another organic happy memory where the boys were SO into the project at hand.NCC_9693-680x10244. Any time we can get active with the kids in front of the camera Cal is always in. The Mini Olympics was filled with happy smiling shots like these. He was so into that bucket toss. I just sat back and watch the magic happen.Screen-Shot-2016-07-19-at-4.37.18-PM

5. Matt Clayton shot these photos for us for Gap at University Mall’s campaign one year. Big time Small Fry perk. I live for these photos still and need to update with Matt, he’s so good. You can see more from this shoot on his site!Denim-Brad-Emily-Frame-6 7036 7087

Happy Birthday Cal!

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