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Did you know Whole Foods has a non profit organization called Whole Kids Foundation? Their mission is to help kids eat better and enjoy it! Like so many things in life, we fear what we don’t know or understand. And if you’ve seen my Cal stare down a forkful of broccoli, fear is exactly what he’s feeling. Ha! I love that they created this app “Starting With Soil” to help educate us all on growing our own food. They also have a Book Club that lists great books, activities, vocabulary and more to further you’re education opportunties. See more on their site here!Whole Kids Foundation - Whole Foods MarketYou all know from my post yesterday that we are wannabe farmers (are their consultants for this? You’re hired!) so we are already learning all we can. I went through the app with them yesterday and learned so much right along with them! You can download the free app in the App Store! It was super cool to see how symbiotic soil, plants and animals are together.Whole Kids Foundation - Whole Foods Market Since we’ve been in the townhouse we have missed our garden tremendously. My kids walking to the backyard to fill up on blackberries, grabbing peppers, tomatoes and jalapeños for an easy fajita dinner. We have a really pretty planter (self watering!) on our balcony that has been growing herbs for us, which is great consolation. Whole Kids was so nice to send us this Organic Garden kit and we got right to work. Hayes has been taking watering and sunning the pots very seriously and talking about all the different layers of soil and different bacteria that might be in their!Whole Kids Foundation - Whole Foods MarketIf you’re looking for a new free app check it out!


  • Stacia
    August 1, 2017 at 7:25 am

    The Whole Kids Foundation also does a “book club” with picture books about healthy eating/gardening/food in general. They list the books, vocabulary, conversation starters, and activities to do with your little one! We LOVE Whole Kids Foundation!!

  • Small Fry
    August 1, 2017 at 9:58 am

    Adding this, I love it!!


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