DIY Personalized Notebook

You guys know how I feel about a good monogram or personalized piece. Naturally forcing that onto my kids with today’s SUPER easy DIY. DIY NotebookYou just need these stickers and your favorite notebook. I love these ones because they have no branding or writing on them anywhere and they wipe off which is cool! Notebooks get so grubby but I think these will hold up a bit better.DIY NotebookAlso for the record I brainstormed a short song lyric for this DIY for hours.  I could NOT think of one that was short enough and not cheesy. Sit Down Be Humble (Kendrick Lamar, stuck in my head of months and more swears than non-swears) was one of the first ideas I had, but just know I would never let my kids listen to it.;) Also these Yoobi Notebooks are killing me and ALL their Back-to-school goods are 20% off right now with BTS2017. On top of which they donate to schools in need in the U.S. BLACK + WHITE STAR // GALAXYDIY Notebook Let’s just take the meaning of this phrase literally for a classroom. Stay in your seat and don’t talk back, kids! DIY Notebook


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