how do you hero?

This post is sponsored by Revolution Foods, all opinions are my own! Win a month’s supply of breakfasts, lunch and dinners here!

Everyone, say hi to Cal Frame.Revolution FoodsPlease tell me you have kids that make this face when you try to give them nourishment that can’t be purchased at a gas station? Cal is far and away my pickiest eater – he is my only picky eater in fact. He has a gag reflex thing and he gets seriously grossed out (like sick to his stomach) by certain smells. On top of which he might have inherited my hypoglycemia. If he doesn’t eat every couple hours, he falls apart. So feeding him requires a lot of energy. A lot of mindfulness to avoid that face above. When I get him nice and full from a well-balanced meal, I feel like an actual super hero. Truly. So let’s see how we got him from this face to this one:Revolution FoodsAnd most importantly to this one. (Full disclosure, he would rather die on that stool than eat broccoli. Believe, me we’ve gone toe-to-toe.)Revolution FoodsThat is the thing about this kid, he truly wants to be adventurous and loves getting praised for trying new foods, he just has to find the ones he likes. Lucky for us (and lucky for them so I could give such a glowing review) it just so happened to be Revolution Foods.Revolution Foods Revolution Foods was started by two moms who were in the same boat as  lot of us and want to feed our kids in a healthful, delicious way. They started in schools and recently switched to retail for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals! Yay for us! 200 million meals later they have perfected flavors and ease of use, and this meal was a breeze to make!Revolution FoodsI especially love the design of their boxes, where the front cover is actually a flap that opens up to the cooking instructions! Makes it so easy to prop open while you work away.revolution2 Here is the finished product! So pretty and I love that it’s a perfect leftover, next day lunch, candidate! Most importantly you all know how much I want to be better at dinners from home and this feels totally doable to me. No last minute trips to the store, everything is ready to go and delicious. Just thaw that meat!revolution3

Always thrilled to have another meal I can put on the rotation — this one is Sesame Garlic. I am itching to try their pre-made pancake batter and their take on a Lunchable looks so spot on! Revolution Foods is giving away a month’s supply of meals right here!

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