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Today’s post makes me so excited, if you’ve read Small Fry for awhile you know I get this way when I spot innovative new products and today is for sure one of those days! Say hi to Spun Sheets!Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.35.39 PMBed Sheets are one of those inventions that has hardly been perfected over the last 100 years. Sure the fibers have gotten softer, but the functionality has largely stayed the same. Then London and Chloe came along.Bedroom UpdateThere are so many improvements the Spun team has made on making your bed it makes my heart sing. And also question why no one had thought of it sooner. Ready to see them all?

And of course I had to try it out before I shared with you guys and it is really as good as they say. Check it out! First off for you packaging buffs — so cute right?Spun SheetsSpun SheetsMy first favorite feature is the grippy, extra strength elastic fitted sheet. It DOES NOT budge. Nothing is worse than having the fitted sheet pop up on you at night.Spun SheetsNext for the top sheet! Historically I don’t even bother because they drive me crazy, they usually get ripped off and end up in a pile at the bottom of the bed. So their promises of a better way was a tall order for me.

Here is the top sheet, right now its just settled on, not “made” just yet. It fits right over your mattress and then…Spun SheetsYou just slide your hand over that flap and tuck it in. It looks so good with hardly any effort. You can leave the side flap untucked or tuck it in like this. It comes easily so you aren’t trapped in your sheet by any means.Spun Sheets And a few more pics of the babe for ya: Bedroom Update Raleigh sits with me while I get ready and I think he’s noticing more than I realized:Bedroom UpdateAlso an update for you following along on the Intellibed journey. I still love it and my lower back pain is basically non-existent. I can tell the bed is “broken in” now and there is slightly more give then at the beginning but I prefer it this way, its comfier to me! That SMALLFRY10 code is still live for a few more months so don’t forget about that as you plan out your holiday shopping. It’s an investment for sure, but that 30 year guarantee is unmatched and if you never have to buy another mattress again the cost is totally worth it to me.


Spun Sheets – back their Kickstarter and order here!

Duvet Cover – West Elm and $70 right now!

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Raleigh PJs


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