mine + ours: books #2

For this month’s Mine + Ours I actually started the book pick for myself two months ago. I didn’t realize then that it would be such an important, timely read for me.


HomegoingI chose Homegoing based off reviews, and it is SUCH a beautiful book. I hesitate writing too much about it because it feels like it doesn’t belong to me, like I opened someone’s diary. It is so raw and personal. I think it’s a must on Audible because the narrator helps keep you focused on where the story is in time and place with his accents. In short, the story follows a 7 generation lineage from Ghana to America. From the 1790’s to modern day. Seeing the strengths and struggles and how history weaves itself into culture. To see the racial in equality and how pervasive it was in each generation, the effects, the struggle, the triumph. Then now seeing what happened in Charlottesville. I just can’t deal. Enough is enough is enough! I wish every single person had to read this book, I will never claim to understand, but I feel like this book does a dang good job of illuminating each corner of this inequality. But the best part is that it’s not preachy or in your face. Its just beautiful storytelling and you draw your own conclusions. I just won’t stand for this in my lifetime. I think the problems are deep, but not hopeless. I read a quote from a friend that said “Equality feels like oppression to the privileged” and that rang so true to me. Individuals will have to be wiling to sacrifice (pride and entitlement to start) to make things better for the whole.

I wish I had a better grip on race conscious books for kids, I am going to do some research and get some shipped so we can better review them, but there are two posts that have great options here and here if you need ideas!


My oldest Hayes fell hard for Harry Potter this month. We are knee deep in the books and movies and he loves it. As I knew he would because it’s the best! I started reading it when I was 13, somehow my mom heard of it before anyone else I knew and it felt like this special secret for awhile there. I have loved sharing it with him! If you haven’t gotten those on Audio yet, it will make your next road trip fly by. It’s not original or an exciting rec but that is what we’re doing day and in day out, so gotta mention it!

But, the focus of the OURS section today is on Raleigh – my 14 month old. He LOVES reading books and wants to touch each page, he lights up when he gets his hands on an interactive book. Here are our favorites for his age:Interactive Books for Toddlers

Do Cows Meow // From Head to Toe // Peek a Who? // Please and Thank You // Tails

What should I read next month, guys? Any audiobook suggestions for the boys, or favorites to share?

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