Oh man the weekend! I forgot how much I love it! Thank you school! First off,

WEARING…today’s outfit:

Amazon started their own fashion department and has created several in-house lines! They had me pick my favorite from their The Fix line and I went for this Joni bag and love it! Such a pretty suede with the more formal chain detailing to offset the slouchiness and also a cross-body strap because that is a bag must for me. It comes in three colors, check them out here!The Fix BagLevi 501s. Have you gone there? I feel like I’ve tried for most of my life to avoid mom bum and hearing 501s is basically synonymous, but these are actually pretty cute. And I have a few friends in the 501s from Free People and they’re so hot on them. Take that mom bum. Mine were on sale here for $50 so I felt good about giving them a whirl, mine aren’t as high rise (from what I can tell) but they’ve got the same effect. I think my next pair will be the originals from FP. Or maybe the wedgie, any votes?The Fix Bag Shoes yep those mules again! I love the leather, too! // Watch by Piper West // Sunnies — these are a couple seasons old any MY FAVE but guess who got them now at $100 – GILT!! Run.


I am desperately trying to find more time to watch The Bold Type, a bunch of my friends are loving it and I’m a few episodes in. It’s growing on me! I always root for fashion themed TV and movies (RIP Lipstick Jungle.)

Also, we have a road trip coming up and I think getting anotherNSV Tablet Docking System Fire HD Kids Edition so we aren’t fighting over them is in order. It came in so clutch on our flight last week!! Also why the heck have I been paying double for iPads? This one takes a little getting used to navigationally but its so great. We also got this NSV system for mounting it to our car and I love that it swivels and such. The boys can handle it without too much help. And it rests in between the headrest and chair back so it’s not in the way at all! Also since we still have iPads and now the Fire tablet, it holds both without any switching around, bonus!


As you can imagine we get a lot of kids publications sent our way for review, I don’t talk about very many unless I truly love it but this Bravery Magazine is so SO awesome. Their inaugural cover girl is Jane Goodall and each month shares a brave, trailblazing, smart, innovative, free thinking woman. It is interactive and informative and so well designed and NEEDED. I want my boys to know all these women, to value and respect the opposite sex and I love how easy Bravery Mag makes it! They only need $5,000 and they’ll hit their goal, not bad for one day after being launched! Check out their Kickstarter to see a video, I’ll share it on Insta stories, too!Bravery Magazine

Happy weekend everyone, see you Monday!!




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