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You guys, this series sat on the shelf for years and I am so happy to bring it back today with Macaire of Half Pint Shop! Macaire of Half Pint Shop Half Pint Shop is a curated kid’s boutique with an online shop as well as a brick and mortar store in Chicago! Half Pint Shop is filled to the brim with our favorite kid brands like Oeuf, Tiny Cottons, Nico Nico and other brands that we’ve loved since the start. (Catch the designer list here.) But what about the woman behind Half Pint? Let’s meet her!Macaire of Half Pint ShopMacaire is from Wisconsin, moved around a lot and got her degree in Advertising, PR and Journalism. She has two boys Eyan and Jude (6,3) and started Half Pint Shop in 2014 and have had the brick and mortar shop near their home a year ago.Macaire of Half Pint ShopWhat inspires you most about children’s clothes?
One of my favorite moments in the shop is seeing children thrilled with their new outfit. That’s why I do it – I love stocking clothes that parents and kids both love. I wish I was creative enough to design! I’m always in awe of the designers I work with.

Do you have favorites for your kids?
I can’t pass up a good, quality basic – my favorites are Gray Label and Nico Nico. My kids love how cozy they are and that they allow them to look stylish while still playing freely. I always mix in fun prints from Winter Water Factory and some of my favorite special pieces from Bobo Choses. Most of these favorites are organic or made from sustainable fabrics.Macaire of Half Pint Shop

Any brand or owner’s stories that you find particularly interesting or inspiring?
We’ve always supported parent-owned brands – it’s something I’m very proud of. Parents know the market best and pour so much love into their designs. One local Chicago designer, greyboy, is creating an amazing unisex line of clothing with witty, city-inspired designs. She does it all in house with her own illustrations while raising her two boys.

I’m also so inspired by Oeuf – they are a family owned business and have built a beautiful brand. The sustainable furniture they design works for the nursery and home – their mini library is one of my favorite pieces! I also love how they are so transparent about the makers behind their products.

Macaire of Half Pint ShopWhat do you feel is the hardest element to being a working parent?
Oh, the highs and lows of being a working parent! I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having something for myself and feel lucky that I’m also able to be with my kids all day. When I opened the store we were online only because I didn’t want to leave them. But now that the store has grown and we now have our studio, I feel even more of that “mom guilt.” I constantly feel like I’m not doing my best in all categories. Or I feel bad that the kids are in the shop and not outside at the park. I often remind myself of how lucky we are to be together and I have an amazing support system – my husband helps immensely and my mom even works on the website! I’ve also learned to say yes to help in the store and with the kids, and to also take some time to take care of myself.Macaire of Half Pint Shop

Any successes or things you’re really good at or proud of in this realm?
Word of mouth – I’m always grateful and flattered when someone stops in because a friend referred them. I’m also proud of how long we’ve been in business (3.5 years!) and that our brick & mortar just celebrated it’s one year!

What’s in your “mom on duty” bag?
Snacks! Granola bars and apple sauce pouches usually. An essential oil blend – usually balance for me and the kids. Stain stick. Cars/toys for the boys. Hair ties and bobby pins. And our trusty CTA train card so we can always take adventures.

What are three things you can’t live without personally?
• Always having a book with me. If I ever get a free moment in the day I love to read a chapter or two.
My Apple watch. It allows me to see important messages without picking up my phone and disrupting my time with the kids.
• Chapstick. I usually have 2-3 floating in my bag!

For your kids?
For Jude it’s having a train or car in hand at all times. Eyan has hit a huge Minecraft stage – lucky for me he’s really into the books!Macaire of Half Pint Shop

Any good books, music, podcast episodes, or other things you’ve been loving lately?
I read the Red Queen series on a recent road trip – I love books that you just get lost in. In the shop I’ve been playing a lot of Haim – the boys and I both love them. And with the recent cooler weather in Chicago I’ve been getting out my fall candles. It’s my favorite season!

Who would play you in a movie about your life and why?
Hmm this is a hard question! Keri Russell is my favorite (her sweaters!) but I’d have to pick a comedian for sure – probably Abby Elliott. When I first met one of my good friends she actually mistook me for her.

Thanks so much for being here Macaire! I totally saw myself in her desire to do everything with the kids in tow. Small Fry has been that way since the start, too! Its not easy but I am grateful! If you know a mom we should meet, email! Find all our Moms You Should Meet here.


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