trend watch: track pants

I don’t know if this trend was big in the Spring, I didn’t notice if it was, but I sure am noticing it now! Whether it’s a casual track pant or a formal tuxedo pant or something in between, this pant is so fun for Fall! So here’s 9 ways I spotted and loved it.I loved this outfit so much I had to recreate it. That doesn’t happen often for me, I am usually trying to make it my own. But this one was too good:Fall 2017 Trend Watch: Track PantPretty blatant copyage here, yeah?

Fall 2017 Trend Watch: Track PantRue Collective // Gucci Sweatshirt Girl // Ray Dennis // 9 to 5 Chic // Leandra Medine // Olivia Palermo // Christine of Hello Fashion Blog // Not Your Standard // Jennifer Aniston

Okay back to the trend at hand! Here are versions of the tuxedo stripe and or track pant all under $80 (most much less than that!) I think the jeans are my favorite. They’re on super sale right now, too!Cropped Black with White // Denim Tux Stripe // Adidas Popper // Black with Red + White // Floral with Black // Black with White Trouser


  1. Toss on a tee and top with a blazer + booties and you’ve got the look I had to copy. My blazer is Target, and booties are Zara. If you want more sporty and less trouser these are awesome and so classic.
  2. 2. Wear it with an oversized sweater and sneakers for a cozy cold weather day.
  3. Tucked in turtleneck + slick low bun for a super polished look.
  4. With a crisp button up and a jean jacket on top.
  5. All black everything with a tee and leather jacket.


Did you guys know I used to be a stylist? For 10 years! I worked for a commercial photographer, as a fashion editor for a local magazine, and then freelance for awhile for various projects and friends like Say Yes! What I really love about that job is sourcing clothes and I still do a lot of that now for “work” ahem, if you can call it that. But, since I am doing it anyway, if you guys ever have a look you want to recreate, send it my way! I’d love to shop for you! Send it via email or DM too.

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