So many new things solving all my problems lately, let’s get right down to it!

First, the marble clips from my insta story. They’re so high quality and I love that they’re a little elevated from the standard. Three pack

Also so much TMI so you male readers might want to skip through the first couple paragraphs. 😉


  1. Found this bra and it eliminates side boob! It creates such smooth lines under shirts and is great under summer dresses and anywhere you need to eliminate that side boob action! It’s by Warner’s and the collection is called Easy Does It!
  2. I’ve used the Diva Cup for 2+ years now and I love the concept so much (its a reusable menstrual cup that eliminated my need for pads or tampons) I kept using it even though it wasn’t a great “fit.” Literally. On me it was just a bit too long. I heard my friend Ashley’s new venture the Bloody Buddy was shorter and also has a “tail” you can trim so I snagged them on Amazon! I am happy to report it is shorter so if you have had similar issues, go with the Bloody Buddy! Also her color selections are so much better (I got black) and they’re 20 for $20 when I paid $35 for one Diva Cup. WIN all around! While we’re at it, Ashley is such a good Follow on Instagram. I have been slow clapping all Summer as she walks the walk with the ever-popular self love talk we hear from influencers. She’s the real deal guys, and her recipes and tips are all so solid. Behind the scenes I am just grateful for her friendship and zen attitude in this business. Follow her here!
  3. This Target Sweater. I should have bought two because sweaters just aren’t the same after they’ve been washed a few times but its such a cute fit!
  4. Amazon sent this skin care line to try and after a few weeks I am actually loving it! I don’t have to review it but I thought it was worth a mention anyway. It’s as good a at-home facial as I’ve ever been able to track down and the smell is SO amazing. It makes me so happy every time I take the lids off. I especially love the Peeling and Serum products! The Peeling is like a gentle exfolating surface restoration that I put on at night and my skin is incredible in the morning. The Serum tightens skin and reduces my pores and evens everything out before I put make up on. LOVE them both. They have it in a gift set too!

DECORATING: I just ordered ALL my faucets from Ali Express. ACK! My friend Bri (her house reno is incredible, follow her to check it out!) led the way and says hers are holding up pretty great so I am taking the plunge. You guys their faucets are SO inexpensive. We did every single bathroom in the house for less than $1000. Fingers crossed they hold up!! Here are the sink faucets we chose, the pot filler for over the stove. And this shower set for the master. And these for the basement bathrooms!

READING: Outside of the monthly reviews I’m catching up on some popular self-help reads that I am sure you’ve seen recommended online. My friends reference them so damn much I felt like I needed to be in on it. Brene Brown is never a problem so I quickly finished her new book Into the Wilderness, super good the last chapter I need to re-read every morning, so powerful. She has a lot of great implementable tips of the divide the US is experiencing. I am in the middle of The Universe Has Your Back. As a religious and spiritual person it’s funny to hear these things that I’ve been taught my whole life, packaged in a new way. Its a great beginner look at energy, meditation, and owning your presence and internal vibrations. Sometimes cheesy, sometimes over the top, sometimes serving self-importance from the author, but I am enjoying it! I’d suggest a hardcopy on that one though, there’s a lot to refer back to! Next up, Love Warrior (saving my hardcopy for a couple plane rides I have coming up) and You Are a Badass.

And! If you’re following along on my monthly reviews, I am picking the thriller The Couple Next Door in honor of Halloween. A lot of you have said you need something really engaging to get you back on the reading wagon and although I haven’t read it, my friends say they couldn’t put it down. So grab this one if you want to read together!

LISTENING: My church as our weekend conference and I live for it. There was a few given last weekend as well and I thought this one by Sharon Eubanks was so powerful. You can listen here! Starting Saturday 10 am MST and Sunday the same time.

FEELING: Its been awhile since I checked in on this but October is insane for my fam! Trying not to panic, ha! I have two trips, one for work and one to see my sister and her new baby! We have two different dads of Russ’ coming to visit (separately, luckily) and we had an anniversary trip planned too that we had to cancel due to aforementioned dads. I hope we make it out alive!  I hope you all have a restful weekend and if you’re looking into the barrel of an insane month like us, solidarity.






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