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It seems totally bogus to say this but even as a blogger I get tired of decorating for holidays. My bread and butter! So Booyah Box makes total sense to me as a busy mom. Sometimes I just can’t, you know? I helped them a little bit with this Halloween box and am stoked they’re launching it today because I know a few of you at least could use this kind of shortcut, too! Essentially you can buy a birthday or holiday box and they send you an array of goods to help you celebrate. Check out what is included in their Halloween box (and get 15% off with “SMALLFRY” at checkout. Booyah BoxAnd of course you can decorate the entirety of your house with all these goods, or you can create the ultimate Halloween totem. It reminds me of those Christmas sweaters, what are they called? Anyhow, I loved stacking them all up in my entry for maximum impact!Booyah Box Booyah Box Booyah Box

Go show them some love!! And don’t forget the coupon code! “SMALLFRY” for 15% off.

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  • natassja
    October 9, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    Love!! i would totally love this service!!!


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