rockstar family costume

Photos by Heather Mildenstein.

A bunch of you asked for shopping links to our family costume reveal from yesterday! Here you go m’ladies. Rockstar Family Costume

Bob Dylan – Suit c/o Appaman // Button down // Wayfarers // Harmonica Holder Set // Shoes // Hair was done in pincurls like this!

Bob Dylan Costume

Angus Young of ACDC. Suit c/o Appaman // Russ’ tie for fatness // Shoes c/o Florsheim //  Riding Cap // Guitar c/o LoogAngus Young Costume

Baby Freddie Mercury of Queen. Henley Jumper // Shoes // Mustache and Hair Spray

Freddie Mercury BabyStevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac! Top Hat // Kimono // Platform Boots // Tambourine (go for a bigger size if you order, this one is mini!) // Extensions // Lip

Stevie Nicks Costume

Water Activated Face Paint! Doesn’t much matter what you wear on bottom when you have this iconic of a face!

And a few more photos that kill me dead.Freddie Mercury Baby Costume Kid rockstar costumes Kid Rock Star CostumesHappy Halloween everyone



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