20 places you need a plug

Last week I asked where you would put a plug or light switch in your house if you could go back in time. Hundreds of DMs later here are the top suggestions in order of popularity!

  1. Pantry
  2. Closets – all of them.
  3. Multiple on and around the kitchen island.
  4. Waist high next to each side of the master bed. Plugs and switches.
  5. Charging Station- basically wherever you plan on charging devices in the house prepare for several plugs. (I heard at least 8 for Laptops, candle warmer, Alexa, iPhones, diffusers.)
  6. Hidden charging station in closet with cleaning supplies. To recharge vacuum (Roomba or Dyson) or other electrical cleaning tools.
  7. Plugs on outdoor eaves for Christmas Lights.
  8. Switches in the house for Christmas Lights (by door) and Christmas Tree.
  9. Kitchen light switches at each entry point.
  10. Plugs along staircases for garlands, vacuuming.
  11. Inside a kitchen cupboard for toaster and other appliances.
  12. Inside office cabinet for printer, router.
  13. Inside vanity cabinet for hair dryer, electric razor, and other tools. (We are doing timed plugs for these so that even if you forget they’ll time themselves off.)
  14. BABY ROOM- Put plugs higher than they can reach so you can plug in diffusers, humidifiers, fans and lamps without them being able to pull it down on top of themselves.
  15. Higher plug height for wherever your iron will be going for the same reason as #9.
  16. Plugs in the floor layout for lamps or decor in the middle of a room.
  17. Plugs on top of mantle.
  18. Plugs underneath top cabinets in kitchen vs. in the wall so they’re hidden. Image below.
  19. Multiple plugs near TV for devices.
  20. Apparently their are now door hinge switches that turn your lights on automatically when the door opens and back off when it shuts. Genius. Here’s one on Amazon.
  21. Disposal button on sink. This is an easy addition if you can create the hole space on your sink! But I love this idea for the convenience and that disposal switch is always grubby. Upgrade for sure.

A couple extras I heard were to wire for CAT 5 (high speed internet) in every room and cable as well.

Here’s several images I put on my Houzz boards over the last few years in preparation for this very thing! All things we’ve worked into the house plans that I hope will help with the ease of organization and keeping things clean!

APPLIANCE CUPBOARD with rolling drawers. Install the plugs at the back or sides and you won’t even need to get them out on to your counter top! VIA

20 Places You Need a Plug or SwitchUNDERSIDE PLUGS! I love this. Have your plugs without breaking up your beautiful back splash. VIA20 Places You Need a Plug or SwitchAnother method to get your hidden plugs this way. Swoon. VIA20 Places You Need Plugs

JUNK CUPBOARD. Instead of a drawer how about this? Key hooks, mail filing, I’d probably add cups or something for pens and pencils, too! A perfect spot to hide some plugs, too! VIA20 Places You Need a Plug or SwitchThis is a cool hidden station for your router, passwords, important info and all that ugly stuff you would stash in a drawer. // VIA20 Places You Need a Plug or Switch






  • Christine
    November 2, 2017 at 11:14 am

    Ugh!! So much envy in one post : )

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