Small Fry Home Tour: Johansson Family

Welcome back to Small Fry Home Tours! Here is a little back story about today’s home! I won’t always have so much to say on the matter, but today is special so I hope you don’t mind. 😉 Keep scrolling to the next post to see the photos! Since we had the amazing Hunter Fowler shoot this home and she’s always so generous with photos, I have so many  I am going to split it up into a handful of posts. So today you will find their shared living spaces, and we’ll come back with bedrooms and other details later on!

Rashelle and I started Bijou Market together back in 2009 (which is THIS Friday and Saturday) but of course not where the story began! Bijou Market

Catch the rest of the story after the jump!

It all started when my husband and I randomly drove around Pleasant Grove, Utah looking very-not-seriously for a home to buy. My brother Collin and his wife Liz had just bought a house up the street and living near them sounded so fun! We stumbled upon a home (if you ever went to my house you know it was very unlikely to stumble on as most people get lost trying to find it – including my own mother for the entirety of the time we lived there) that we thought we would flip. I think we said 2 years max?

We ended up staying there for 10 years, and that was largely due to the Johanssons. Even before we had kids we hung out with them and their boys and they were as close of friends you could ever hope to have across the street. We started a floral headband shop together while our husbands played FIFA video games. That shop turned into Bijou Market (which hosts 60 vendors in one venue for a weekend, three times a year) after which she and I were both pregnant at the same time, she with her third and me with my first. August and Hayes were born 8 weeks apart, and have been absolutely inseparable ever since. Starter homes eventually get outgrown and Rashelle built this modern home about a mile away a few years ago! They still spent lots and lots of time together and then we moved a little farther away, and we will be moving a lot farther away next Spring. The boys make lots of plans for week-long sleepovers (nice try) but I know I am glad for the excuse to see Rashelle.

Anyway, I am grateful to Rashelle for sharing her entire home with us today, getting it ready for a shoot of this size isn’t easy but I know you guys are going to love it! Welcome to the Johanssons home!




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