Alamo Travel Guide for 2018!

In partnership with Alamo.

I read somewhere that 80% of our childhood memories are away from home. When I recall my own memories I feel like that is accurate. Of course a loving, safe and home is everything to a kid, but the things that last in their memories are the adventures! It has changed how I save and spend our extra cash. I would rather invest in a new experience over just about anything. So as I embark on this with my family, I am really excited to share that for 2018 I will be part of Alamo’s Scenic Route as a Travel Guide! This means as a contributor I will be giving all my best tips and ideas for family travel and sharing it here as well as on Alamo’s site. An inside scoop into our own family travels for next year, and I am in amazing company with several other travel bloggers as well! I’ll be sure to share all their great ideas and  The Scenic Route site is already chock full of articles you can peruse. Ranging from City Guides to how to upcycle your travel souvenirs, they have a wealth of knowledge there waiting for you!    

If you have any travel questions or things you would love to see covered be sure to let me know! And thanks for having me, Alamo! Can’t wait to get adventuring!



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