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It is officially gift giving season and every year we say the same thing. Activity subscription deliveries make the best gifts! I love being able to give experiences and this is something totally non-invasive. The recipient can choose when they want to do it, and everything is ready right in this darling little box. (The BOXES, am I right? So good.) Let’s check The Little Archives out! Today is the last day to get 20% off too, so hop on it if you’re interested!Gift Idea: Little ArchivesThe first box we opened was a Make Your Own Monster Kit. Hayes worked on this for a full hour. It was the perfect amount of challenge and he felt pretty cool wielding a needle. They have a selection of monster templates, colorful felts, and all the tools you need to have a plush of your very own.Gift Idea: Little ArchivesHe added the arms and legs and wanted them to look like bananas. You do you, kid! It’s always a win when my perfectionist kid wants to stray from the directions. 😉Gift Idea: Little Archives

Gift Idea: Little ArchivesAnd the finished product! So proud!Gift Idea: Little Archives

The second box we did was more Cal’s speed – miniature succulent pots! Mold, bake and display!Gift Idea: Little ArchivesHe did all the little dots and shaped them pretty amazingly well I must say. I only had to clean them up and put them together!Gift Idea: Little ArchivesWhy isn’t there a name yet for loving miniature things? Miniophile? Let’s come up with something because these make me squeal.

Gift Idea: Little Archives

The Little Archives is doing 20% off orders so you can try it out with a discount, too! Thanks for sponsoring this post and giving me the perfect excuse for a crafternoon with the boys!Gift Idea: Little Archives

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