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Happy to have @theprimeparty girls here today sharing the first of Small Fry’s Gift Guides! The Prime Party is actually made up of one my friends from childhood – hi Taylor! So fun to reconnect today and Taylor and her crew are giving away $100 to Amazon on Small Fry’s instagram, too!

So, for today’s guide: this one is all about getting you prepped for a smooth Holiday Season. It’s not easy being “in charge” time of year, so much to do and so many people to think about. I love all their awesome ideas!


You are invited to The Prime Party! 
We are 3 stay at home moms and we are passionate about Prime.
There is something magical about checking items off your errand list while you sit on the couch in your PJ’s. Christmas time does NOT have to mean long lines and crowded parking lots!! Let’s take back December! Let’s do it in our PJs!
If you don’t have Amazon Prime already, get it! Best $99 you’ll ever spend. We aren’t paid to say that. But like, we WOULD say it for money … if you know someone looking to pay us… Either way, you need prime. Get it here! Holiday Prep with @theprimeparty
Let us help you check off your Christmas to-do list right now! Are you in your PJs?
Have you ever volunteered to bring the paper goods for the class party…. and then you remember the morning of… and you run around town with kids in your car trying to find an open store just to learn that every store is closed or sold out of what you need!? We have. WE HAVE. Lesson learned. This year we are stocked up and ready for all the partying. From class parties to dinner parties. Bring it.

Happy Holidays plates & napkins // Merry Christmas Botanical Plates // White and Gold Holiday Set

Teacher gifts: 
No need to be fancy. The truth is, we’ve asked many teachers… gifts cards are king! An Amazon gift card is ALWAYS a good gift. // Prime also offers gift cards to Nordstrom Sephora, Movie theaters, and more!
Add a hand-written note from your child and there is not a better teacher gift.
Hostess Gifts: 
How many times have you been late to a party because you had to run by the store on your way there to get a hostess gift!? This year, we will be on time!
Capri Blue Volcano candle–  we haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love this candle  // Stance Christmas socks – festive and cozy! // Fun decor items are always a win!
Girlfriend gifts: 
Have you ever had a friend bring over a thoughtful gift and you were just standing there… wishing you had a gift to give her in return… ? Awkward.
These are a few of our most favorite things that could be given to ANY woman in your life (mom, sister, girlfriend, teacher…) Winning best girlfriend award!
Stanley 40 Oz Quencher — This cup is the best of the best. We’ve tried them ALL. Give it to anyone, with their favorite beverage, and they will love you. // Clarins lip oil. Everyone who has tried our lip oils, has purchased their own ASAP. Luxury on the lips. // Cool Firming Eye Gels–  For the girlfriend you really wish you could send to the spa for a day… this is the next best thing.
While you are at it, stock up on some wrapping supplies. You will surely need some.
Custom Return Address Stamp (Can you believe you can get these on Prime!? )
You’ve done good, friends. Real good. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well!
We put this Lip Mask on every night before bed.  And this is our favorite hand lotion 
Be sure to join us on Instagram for more awesome ideas from Amazon. We always share the best of prime, from our carts to yours. Let’s Party!


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