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There is a nasty viral cold going around that poor Cal caught earlier this week. This is the first time he’s been sick since he was little and he’s moaning and crying and asking when he’s going to feel better and breaking my heart! His buddy from school heard he was sick and brough the sweetest little care package. It lifted his spirits so much and mine, too! So I wanted to recreate it today with Maty’s – which is an organic cough and cold line – that makes this amazing chest rub among other awesome things!Matys  Their Chest Rub caught my eye especially and I’ll tell you why. If you grab the leading vapor rub in stores (before I read up on this I had some too, no judgment here!) you will find a few key ingredients. Petroleum – a chemical that suffocates the skin and Hydrogenated Castor Oil – which is a chemically altered oil only one molecule away from plastic. Yikes! Maty’s never uses petroleum or hydrogenated oils This works just as good if not better, and is a lot better for these little bodies needing all their energy to fight off a virus!Matys

So here’s what I put it this care package today. It would make such a great gift for a fellow sickie and I am keeping a few things on hand for cold and flu season this year!

  1. Container – I love this acrylic holder because I know it can be reused which I love. Anything that doubles as a gift for mama is a plus since we all know how hard sick kids can be on a parent, too! (Container found here.)
  2. Maty’s Chest Rub and Baby Ointment. Chest Rub to help soothe coughs and congestion and the Ointment is great for chapped skin around the nose and lips. (This stuff is also incredible for diaper rash!)
  3. Fresh juice. Getting loads of vitamin C in is vital and fresh squeezed juice is packed with it! (Milk bottles found here.)
  4. Soup. Bone broth soup is a nice touch since it helps boost the immune system (and loads of other pluses!)
  5. Hot Water Bottle. This one is so cute and retro but if they get chilled (huggable with that cute sweater!) or feverish (put it on their feet!) it will come in handy!
  6. Tissues. Lots of them. I love this little house dispenser too.
  7. Cozy socks.
  8. A new movie or book. Or you could throw in a rental credit for their favorite streaming service!

We’re giving away goodies for your own care package for several winners on Instagram @smallfryblog so if you want to try it out head over to enter!! Check out a few more awesome products in their line-up. You can read the comparisons to other leading brands (for instance their cough syrup has double the immune boosters of other natural baby cough syrups.)Matys

Baby Ointment // Chest Rub // Nighttime Cough Syrup // Daytime Cough Syrup // Mucus Cough Syrup

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  • Jessica
    December 6, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    This is adorable. The link for the acrylic container isn’t working. Can you please share the link because I love it: great content, as always!


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