seven year old christmas list

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For the first year ever I am nearly stumped on what to get my seven year old, Hayes! Each year their Christmas lists are pretty straight-forward and it’s been easy to deliver the Christmas they are hoping for. What to Get a 7 Year Old Boy THIS year, all the sudden, Hayes’ list is so grown up. He asked for his own Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – we have one and of course he is over sharing. Happy to accommodate that as we have had a great experience with our first one! The rest of his list is simliar – more technology, a phone, and seriously on his list he wrote “$999,999,999 dollres” just like that. Santa has a tall order this year!

But what I noticed is not even one toy! Sort of broke my heart! How fast he grew up and how quickly his interests have matured.

With the tablet I would love to have it fully loaded for him so when he turns it on he sees all his favorites and some new games that have great ratings in Amazon’s app store. Here’s what I am thinking:

Backbreaker Football // Math Games by Grade level // Flow Free – a fun puzzle game for all ages // Crossy Road – a fun and simple problem solving game // Fruit Ninja – speed and hand eye coordination // Slice Fractions – a concept Hayes could use some more practice at // Cut the Rope – a game all about problem solving and thinking ahead // Monopoly – he has been loving playing this board game! // Tetris // Draw Board – perfect to doodle and be creative // Bejeweled 2 – I love this game so I am sure he will too! // Toca Boca – Amazon app store has all your regular favorites, too! // Plants vs Zombies 2 – my boys are obsessed with this game! // A game to teach about mechanics and physics! // Ansel + Clair – Create your own environment and learn how to best protect it. 

I’ve talked about this before but our screen time is limited to one hour each day and it’s never before school, only after. It’s also after they’ve done a list of things and proves to be our best motivator! I take time away, add it for special behavior, they can lose it all together and it’s something my boys – who are different as night and day – bond over. It brings them closer together and is something they talk about and strategize long after they’ve stopped playing the game.What to Get a 7 Year Old BoyThe Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service acts as my eyes and ears for the tablet and I can set the timer, shut it down when the time is up, make sure they’re only downloading things I approve of, monitor their usage on the Parent Dashboard and more. It’s included for a year when you purchase the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet. As their interests expand and their knowledge of technology increases they are always wanting to, as Hayes says “search it out” and safe browsing is my #1 concern for them. I have filters on all our devices but love that Amazon’s is built right in with the FreeTime Unlimited service so I don’t even have to worry if my systems are working, they have one already! FreeTime UnlimitedToo bad for ol’ Hayesie but the rest since the rest of his list is a hard pass for me so I am hoping to fill the gaps with fun experiences, or things that he didn’t even know he’d be excited about – any ideas?


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