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I went to a Holiday Preview for Deseret Book about a month ago and one of my key takeaways was their amazing variety of nativities! Modern NativityThey have them from all over the world, in all price ranges, materials, styles, I was so impressed. Of course you can buy them all online or go into their stores to see them up close, too. Rounding up my favorites and couple other finds from around the web today!Nativity Puppet

Cambodian – Paper // Peruvian – Wood // Painted Bottom Nativity // Pastel and Gold // Modern Ceramic Nativity with gold // Lucite Nativity // Metal Luminaries (pictured above!) // Ireland – Resin // Shiny Metal Nativity // Flat Steel Nativity // Shadow Puppets Nativity // Finger Puppets // 4″ Nativity // Olive Wood Nativity // Pillars of Heaven Wood Nativity // Willow Tree Nativity

And don’t forget the lego set!

We have the Shadow Puppet Nativity and it really is so sweet. I love that its interactive and the boys bring them to bed and play while they’re falling asleep. They also have Star Wars and several other themed packs! So cute.Modern Nativity Ideas

Also note: When I wrote this post the Lucite Nativity was still in stock. I was a lucky one to snag it! I think she’s since sold out but follow her on Instagram @sonorahandmade and I heard she’s making tons more for next year. My appologies!!Modern Nativity Ideas

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