gift guide family + stocking

Gifts and stocking stuffers for the whole family!family gift guide

  1. OGOMinton – Badminton but all soft materials! Great for small kids, indoor play, multiple abilities!
  2. Darling Kikkerland pencils
  3. Rainbow deck of cards
  4. These Sharpie Gel Highlighters are amazing. I tossed all my ink ones, these are so much better!! Don’t bleed, more control, and weirdly satisfying to use!
  5. I Chart You would make a great gift to you family as a whole, to your parents, a sibling. Enter your family tree and get a modern piece of art! Love all of their color palette and metallics!
  6. CodeNames is our favorite game to play at parties!
  7. Goosebumps blankets. These adult swaddles are our family’s favorites. We all have our own because no one will share!
  8. Psych App is so fun for game night! You play on your phones, submit answers there, vote, keep score. Free app so not really a gift but fun for the family when you’re all together next week!
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