It has been AHWHILLLE since I did a Fryday! It’s high time and I’m covering a bunch of questions from my DMs lately and if there’s anything I missed let me know. Happy weekend!!

READING: My reviews for December are below this post, but I already started my bookclub’s pick Goodbye For Now which is a story of a computer programmer who finds a code that creates an email response allowing people to hear from their dead loved ones, one last time. So far it’s cute, not blowing my mind but I’ll update once I finish!

I also have queued up A Fine Balance — which has 1000+ 4.5 star ratings. About India in 1975. I can’t wait to start, from what I hear the author is a beautiful writer which earn major points with me.

WATCHING: Good Girls Revolt! (Amazon) I just started this show but its amazing and SO up my alley. Set in the 1960’s-70’s this story is based on a true one of how women researchersat a magazine sued the company for discrimination. They weren’t allowed to be reporters but they worked along side them, same hours, at times writing pieces for them but getting no credit. Music, fashion, and Nora Ephron. I always said I was born in the wrong era and would’ve loved to live during that time, but when I see the BS they dealt with. I am glad to be where I am at. Even more so after Iceland mandated same pay for the same job for women there.

WEARING: Just picking up a few things here and there, doing my best not to shop too much. Clear glasses // Loving gingham for Spring and starting early collecting items like these $16 loafers and these slides. If you follow along on Instagram you already know a few of my 2018 resolutions.

Raleigh is getting into my makeup like mad. Ruining stuff, dropping and shattering it left and right! I got him this play set to try and keep him occupied but replacing my favorite highlighter and trying out Laura Geller’s. It is SO pretty! Also in love with this DryBar dry conditioner. It makes your hair smell so amazing I am getting stopped in the street.

I tell you what though after he opened his Christmas presents he is hardly getting into things anymore. He just plays! Here’s what we got him that he loves if you have a toddler who is also driving you crazy. Push Car // Shopping Cart // Cleaning Kit // Globber Scooter (they sent this to us but I am under no obligation to post, it really is awesome! Just like Micro and nearly half the price. The foot bed has a different shape than the Micro — almost like arch support, but my boys don’t seem to mind.) // Vacuum.

FEELING: Amazing about resolutions this week! First, which caused quite a ruckus and I wrote about last week was No Yelling. Going to go a little deeper on this since it was highly requested. The first step in stopping the hollering was to find my triggers that cause me to yell.

  1. When my kids don’t listen after several times of polite asking.
  2. Trying to squeeze to much into a small amount of time.
  3. Food messes.
  4. When they boys fight or hurt each other.
  5. Fall out from stressful work or social situations.

Some of these things I can control: I stopped letting my kids eat anywhere but the table to eliminate stumbling on a mess that would set me off. // I consciously tell myself I don’t have enough time for something and skip it or wait and do it later instead of plowing through and then trying to rush three kids out the door. Not their fault we’re late so why am I screaming at them to get their shoes on? // I started noticing that feeling arise when I get a text or email or have an interaction that puts me in a fiery mood. Instead of carrying my irritation around I just have to let it go right then. It not only hurts me but I take out those feelings in the way I speak to my family. Usually this only works if I literally say out loud usually TO my kids so they don’t think I am nuts: “That text made me so irritated. But I don’t want to be irritated right now, so I am letting it go.” When it comes to the boys not listening or hurting each other I am still disciplining. Instead of yelling I take them by the arm to time-out. Or tell them they will get soap in their mouth. Or give them a scenario where if whatever it is continues they lose their favorite privilege.

You know what I found? Talking quietly works just as well. As long as I am near them, or even touching them or kneeling at their level. Its been nearly a week and I have only raised my voice once to say their name and then quiet back down. I am surprised at myself, I didn’t think I could manage it. But I also knew deep down I could do better than I was. Our house is already so much more peaceful. I go to bed feeling exhausted and even tension in my shoulders from all the trying not to yell (ha!) but I don’t feel guilt and shame. What a freaking gift.

Other resolutions:

You all know we’re budgeting like crazy, saving all extra funds for the house, etc. etc. So I am confusing on cutting any and all expenses that I can.

Eat at Home More. We live to go out to eat, I love to go with friends or on dates, or with the kids. But I making the choice to eat at home whenever possible. We went from 5+ times a week out to 2. Stoked.

Make Bread. I got this Zojirushi bread maker and it literally does everything include stir the ingredients yet I feel smug as can be that I made bread. It tastes amazing too.

Make Smoothies. Smoothies are a food that everyone in my fam will eat and allows me to add protein, magnesium (both my boys are anxious in different ways), probiotics, and of course fresh fruits and vegetables (Cal avoids fresh veggies and most fruits like the plague.) Its something I used to do everyday but stopped, so I am re-implementing! I also had them tricked into eating ACF popsicles which they will no longer do, but that stuff is magic so mix it into grape juice and see if your kids will take it! My kids NEVER got sick when I used it! They love their chewy vitamins and we do this Elderberry one for their immune system and this Vitamin D one which I’ve been told we are all crazy depleted in and it helps with depression and energy levels.

I already talked about switching out the Dirty Dozen for organic produce. That is still in effect and things like making bread and smoothies and cooking more will allow those swaps without costing extra money out of pocket. Shifting funds if you will.

Did I cover it all? I hope so!! Have a great weekend. See you all Monday. xo



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