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Reviewing Books Read in December 2018!

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The Untethered Soul — This was my December book pick after reading a SLEW of similar books. It was interesting to see how they all sort of recycled the same truths but this book had something that I hadn’t read anywhere before. And that was to view your inner dialogue, your incoming thoughts, the negative and positive self talk as other. Or not from you. Just stimuli or information that you let pass through you. It was so true to me to read that our thoughts cause nearly all of our discomfort throughout the day. I know that was true for me at least. Happy to try this method out. There was lots of good stuff in this book and Oprah gives it to all her friends if you need a better vouch than mine. 😉

Secret Life of Fat — this was a book club book and it was actually super fascinating. I’ve heard the author has a podcast episode that sort of encapsulates the topics covered but it really was super informative and eye opening about all the ways fat acts differently in different people. It was just released as a paperback too which is great news!

Four Agreements — I had never read this which is shocking to so many people. I guess it’s basically required reading, but somehow I had missed that train. This is the first time I’ve ever said this but once I felt like I was already doing most of what it suggested, so that was a win! The Four Agreements are to be impeccable with your word, take nothing personally, don’t make assumptions (one I need to work on!) and to always do your best. My assumptions lead me to take things personally so I know once I shake that everything else will improve too. Anyway, a short read but a great start if you’re on a self improvement kick.

OURS: I am starting a little kiddie BOOK + MOVIE club where we pick an audio book to listen to together (or read, depending on your preference) in preparation to see the movie adaptation. It doesn’t always have to be a movie going to theaters but this time we’re doing A Wrinkle In Time, since it it comes out March 9th, I know we’ll have plenty of time to read / listen to it! I remember loving it as a kid and hope my kids do too!

We got this Paddington Pop-up book about London and it is so darling. So intricate and a must for any kiddo’s book shelf! This book feels like an experience on a whole other level, I think it would make an awesome gift, too!

What are you reading? What should I read next?


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