15 rainy day DIYs

Now that Christmas is over, we’re in the long haul until Spring. Winter is so hard with kids, you don’t want them to have free reign over the iPad but you also need to maintain sanity. With the tiniest amount of prep you can have a crafternoon you will ALL enjoy!

Face Coloring Pages // Bi Planes // DIY Dominoes // DIY Tea Set // Yoga for Kids10 Rainy Day Ideas


10 Rainy Day Ideas

10 Rainy Day Ideas

Superhero Training! Set up simple games and tasks to get them moving. 

Puppets + Masks! Creating a puppet, writing a play with friends, and performing it for parents is sure to keep them occupied all afternoon! Pirate + Mermaid // Monsters // Clothespins Puppets // Animal Masks10 Rainy Day Ideas10 Rainy Day Ideas

Toilet Roll DIYs there are SO many of these across the web. Save yours up for your next rainy day and you can make ALL of these. Fire Breathing Dragon // Superhero Cuffs // Binoculars // Flower Bouquet // Cereal Box Jet Pack //10 Rainy Day Ideas10 Rainy Day Ideas10 Rainy Day Ideas10 Rainy Day IdeasI hope this helps you! I know I got lots of ideas for my own kids. Happy Winter!!


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