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In my efforts to cook more, I have found that like exercise, it’s fun to have new things that excite me. Whether it’s a new top for the gym or a gadget for the kitchen I guess I am pretty predictable that way! I asked my favorite cook friends to share their favorites, too so I was sure to have a stellar line-up!best kitchen gadgets

Herb Saver — Sonja of @acouplecooks: Fill it with water, seal it and stick the fridge. No more wasted herbs or asparagus!

Hour and Minute Glass — This was one of the items at my girlfriends’ favorite things party this Christmas. So beautiful to sit out on the counter, but also helpful! So good for kids too,  as it helps quantify time passing in a less abstract way.

Flatware — Another gift at Favorite Things picked by my friend @collectedblog who has flawless taste! This flatware comes in several finishes – I love the gold and black!

Cruet — This Cruet creates the most fine consistent stream of oil I’ve ever used! I love that I have such precise control over it! Perfect for finishing touches, too!

Citrus Juicer — @cleaneats_cleantreats: No need to buy the fancy overpriced electric version. This hand held gadget will do the trick and at the same time give you so much gratification. It seriously gets every last drop out of your lemon and limes. Sweet victory! (Make her Summer Grilled Lemon Chicken and Vegetable Soup if you need an excuse to use it!)

Collapsible Colander — @jennaskitchen: Jenna and I are on the same page for storing things flat. This colander expands and collapses with ease!

Dough Whisk — @yummytoddlerfood: Amy uses this whisk when cooking with kids because there’s less drag so its easier for small hands!

Short Tongs (half the length of regular tongs and so much easier to manage!) — my sis @charityadams

Pizza Peel — @acouplecooks: Not only gets your pizza out of the oven but is great for charcuterie or as a cheeseboard too! Check out their Pizza archives, they will blow your mind! This Peccorino + Egg pizza?!A Couple Cooks

Pizza Stone with cutter! — @acouplecooks: If you don’t have a pizza stone it’s time! It makes even a frozen pizza taste like it’s from restaurant and perfectly crisps up the crust!

Hero Glove — This company was founded by a 2nd grader at the time, so now a 4th grader. SO cool! Its a glove that kids (or adults) an where to ensure they don’t cut themselves while cooking. My kids ALWAYS want to help but I am usually too scattered to feel confident in letting them. No more! Support this 4th grade chica and grab a Hero Glove!!

Bread Maker — My mom bought me this several Christmases ago and I JUST started using it. I am ashamed. But also I didn’t even realize just how nice it was, so many belated thank yous, mom! (My friend uses this $100 Cuisinart one and it works great, too! So don’t be scared off!) You all know I was on a bread making kick for 2018 resolutions but its so dang easy and delicious I might have to stop. Its canceling out my other goal of try not to be chubby. Another one to add to cooking with kids because they just throw the ingredients in, no stirring necessary!

Hand Blender — @emilysbrady: This was recommended by a few others, too! For cooking with kids, for making an aioli, as a food processor but not as expensive as one!

The Pizza Stone above comes with a rolling cutter, but you can also buy it solo here. I use it for quesadillas, cutting french toasts, crusts of sandwiches, and so much more!

Pre-Cut Parchment Sheets — @rashellejohansson: I love this idea! Everything is ready to go for a cookie sheet or wrapping up leftovers. Rashelle keeps hers in a stack to grab easily from so you don’t even need to get the whole container out.

Silicon Flat Pot and Pan Lids — I showed this for maybe 3 seconds of an Insta Story and was flooded. I swear by these lids! They lay flat in your cupboard, work just as well as a pot or pan lid and the best part is you don’t need to store those annoying glass and metal lids anymore!

Garlic Zoom — This is so cool. Maybe I am late to the game by my garlic press is so annoying to clean out. This cleans out with a rinse or toss it in the dishwasher too!

Veggiespize — @jennaskitchen: This is another one that a few recommended! For spiraling vegetables (spaghetti squash with marinara is seriously delicious) and comes with several attachments for different shapes and sizes like a mandolin too!

Rocker Blade Knife — Another way to cut pizza or quesadillas, but also everything else. If you need to chop a lot quick, this is rad!

Bench Scraper — I use this everyday for the most random assortment of reasons. Mostly I love it for scraping crap off the floor or countertop. Not sure that is what its made for, but I digress.

Vidalia Chopper  @jennaskitchen — I added so many gadgets to my cart writing this, and this is no exception! Cut a whole onion in one swoop? YES please.



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    • Wild Wood
      August 6, 2020 at 5:57 pm

      Great content and many to choose from, I really like using the pizza peel when I’m baking pizza.


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