5 No Candy Valentine Printables

5 Printables for No Candy Valentines

Wal-mart for the win today. I don’t say those words often, but their collection of Valentine’s Day toys are so cute! Nice and simple and in bright fun colors. They are all in store and I am not finding them online, but I’ll link to other options! I created a few printables you can pair with them and as in years’ past, they’re minimal and black and white so you don’t even need color ink to make these happen! I’ll be adding more printables to this post each week so keep checking back!

Click and Catcher :5 No Candy Valentine's + Printables

Mini Paddle Ball5 Printables for No Candy Valentines

Mini flutes5 No Candy Valentine's + PrintablesParachute Heart (in store at Walmart) or this is a good option!5 No Candy Valentine'sDownload the printables below! They have borders on them for reference but feel free to chop those off!5 No Candy Valentine's Printables







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