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You guys know we’ve been working on DIY art for the new house (see our first piece in our Kid Art archives!) and today we are teaming up with Gymboree and their #followoyourart campaign to share this family friendly project inspired by Jackson Pollock! Family Friendly Art Project

Splatter Slip Ons // Lace up Sneakers

I love using Tempera paint so there’s no worry about ruining clothes or any toxic ingredients. You can spread out a drop canvas ($8 at the hardware store and HUGE so you can get a nice sized piece for the wall!) on the floor with a step ladder or attached to the wall as pictured for easier access. The drip effect is super cool, but might come with more clean up!Family Friendly Art Project

Sk8 Hoodie

There is no real method to this madness and that’s the point and what makes it unique and fun! I picked a color palette so it wouldn’t look to crazy and a little more intentional and I think this would be so fun for any of the boys’ rooms! Family Friendly Art Project

I love picking from Gymboree they always have great basics and on-trend pieces to weave throughout so the boys feel proud and excited while I know that they won’t wear out before they get to the next brother.Family Friendly Art Project And since their offerings typically run from infant on up to 14 year olds it’s so easy to find coordinating pieces for the whole family! Perfect for family pictures or whatever your match-matchy heart desires! Family Friendly Art ProjectOnce it’s dry you just stretch it over an existing canvas and staple on or you can construct a frame pretty easily if you have the right tools! One day I’ll do a tutorial for frames! And here are all the links for the boys’ Gymboree outfits fo easy access.Family Friendly Art Project


Hayes:  Sk8 Hoodie // Lightning Bolt Shorts // Splatter Slip Ons

Cal: Red Striped Windbreaker // Small Fry Tee // Navy Heather Sweats // Lace up Sneakers

Raleigh: Geo Stripe Hooded Tee // Fleece Pants // Velcro Sneakers 

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