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Nordstrom mark downs are coming in clutch! My feet (and shins and let’s be honest, entire body cause I am old and worn) were killing after workouts so I asked the founder or High Fitness, Emily, which shoes she wears for the workouts and she suggested the Pegasus Zoom 34. I bought a pair and won’t wear anything else now. This pair is $75 right now! I love this color combo and snagged them fast. Urban Decay’s cult fave lipsticks are 50% off, the palette I hear MUA swearing by from Anastasia, these edgy rainbows, a prefect ruffle one piece, Zellas, and more!

Gap Kids and Baby is 50% off! Women’s is 40% Here’s a few favorites, the top row are for girls and they rest are women’s. I need those mules in every color. They also have the world’s perfect ankle strap heel in a bunch of colors on sale, too!

Old Navy’s new arrivals are in and my heart typically beats for their spring lines. They do such a good job and it just always seems to be what I want to wear in the moment. Their swim is looking real good too! All of these items are on sale but the price isn’t reflecting in the round up so be sure to click over to see the price this weekend!

My top picks: these navy trousers with the black tux stripe // this chambray jumper // this lace-up back swim top.

A few steals from Amazon like half off these palettes LEFT and RIGHT (they’re really highly rated!), and some of my favorite knock offs! These Manolo look alike $45, this bamboo bag that I’ve been pushing on you guys for two Summers but is only $40 now, my Susannah studded boot knock offs are on Prime too and real leather!

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