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So excited to share with you guys something that has been a year in the making! Last year my schedule just wasn’t lining up so I couldn’t participate but I am so glad Kristel didn’t give up on me. And honestly, I feel like I have so much more to say on the topic this year than I ever would have in the past. And that’s saying a lot considering we’ve been together since high school!Kristel runs the site Wife Complex and then this yearly conference called Keep the Spark Alive. All for women and men who are striving to be their best selves in all their roles, specifically with their partners.

Kristel interviewed 20+ different women in business — truly juggling it all about how they Keep the Spark Alive. It’s a free conference and you can opt-in right here!

I won’t share all that we talked about there but I will tell you that this year has tested my relationship with my husband each and every day. He works 7 days a week. He comes home exhausted. His body is absolutely shot every single day. He goes to bed at 8 pm. He has never been so invested in his work: building our dream house. Building our life and wanting to make sure everything is perfect but also that it doesn’t take too long. The highs and lows of having subs bail on him, show up late, over charge, under deliver. And that’s just what’s on HIS plate.I’ve been solo parenting the better part of 7 months all while trying to run my own businesses and trying to maintain that sense of family and fun even if Russ can’t be there. The point of all this is that times of high stress, no free time, life decisions and changes, physical exhaustion, parenting, there has been one thing that has kept our relationship strong through it all. And it’s perhaps the least sexy thing I can think of. But it created a system that allows us to prioritize our relationship no matter how the odds stack against it. With that cliffhanger I’ll send you to my page to sign up! I hope it uplifts and helps you all, a great marriage is hard and challenging but so worth it. You deserve it, we all do!

Photos by Hayley Kaze.



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