a decade of don’ts

I’ve been blogging for 12+ years now, I can hardly believe it. I blogged on my own before Small Fry launched in 2012 (I won’t link that blog, but it still exists and I should take it down for sure. Ha!) If there’s one thing you can count on me is I am very quick to adopt a new trend, most times at my own peril (as you will see.) But I was looking back in my archives and I can’t help but just love this ol’ gal. She was never afraid, she looked like a fool a lot of the time, but truthfully, did not care. It was all for the sake of the experiment. To find her style and to try new things. To have fun. To be different. And to never blend in because to her that was/is death. I thought it would be funny to show you guys some of these gems so we can all laugh together!!

Studded Victorian Boots, cat eye sunglasses, floral skirt. REAL good! // The first outfit Russ ever questioned in our whole lives together. “Are you a waiter?” // This might be the worst. I really wanted Chloe Susannah boots (I since found really good knock offs) so I DIYed this pair with puff paint. PUFF PAINT! Then 5 layered tops later and voila you have this ensemble… Also there’s a fabric wrapped wood bead necklace on that too.Decade of Don'tsThis outfit is so 2012 it hurts. The bubble necklace and a gingham button down? // I was pregnant here, but not sure why I needed a plaid blazer over a waffle knit with a spring skirt and heels. I’m just not sure. // JUST WOW. I DIY dip-dyed that dress and then threw on the rest of my navy wardrobe. Socks and heels has been a long time favorite of mine. Not apologizing for that, but I am sorry for this look.Decade of Don'tsI was all about print on print for awhile. Polka dots on polka dots // Plaid on plaid (I actually love this look and wish I still had that vintage Co-ord outfit) and floral on floral. Also that was my freaking favorite leather jacket that I swear got stolen.Decade of Don'tsJust more styling that doesn’t work. Belts and watches and necklaces and oxfords and head scarves. I never understood Coco Chanel’s rule of taking one thing off before you walk out the door. I wish I had that right vintage dress though.Decade of Don'tsIt wasn’t ALL bad. Some of these I stand by today. I love this monochrome blush outfit, minus those dang shoes. Take off a bracelet or two and I’d probably wear this look on the right today.Decade of Don'tsPink and red. Solid, Em.  // I love this look, again except for the shoes. WHERE are those vintage Levi’s when you need them?? Also BANGS!Decade of Don'ts I was going for a metallic thing here but it’s not half bad I think. It also gives me hope for this brown hair! // This outfit is terrible from the waist up. I freakin’ dig those jeans and platforms though. I remember I rolled my ankle nearly every time I wore them so it’s probably for the best.I hope if anything this reminds you that fashion should be fun. We don’t need to take ourselves so seriously and even a fashion miss is good for posterity! I don’t know if anyone will, but I would love to see yours!! Tag me or something. xoxo





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  1. on February 28, 2018 at 7:32 pm said:

    I still have my jcrew bubble necklace. I hate that overkill ruined an actually pretty great piece of jewelry. I hope that if I keep it 10 more years it can be resurrected. And the jcrew pencil skirts are still my favorite. I still scour eBay looking for new colors. Nothing trendy about pieces that just work.
    Belts over cardigans over mixed prints with ballet flats was a hill i was willing to die on.

  2. Makelle Ahlin:
    on March 1, 2018 at 9:23 am said:

    So fun Em! I love how care free and light hearted you are ❤️❤️❤️❤️ abd it’s crazy how much shoes can change an outfit

  3. Anonymous:
    on March 1, 2018 at 9:37 am said:

    Em! You are always beautiful! ❤️

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