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When the Novogratz team contacted me to work together I flipped out! I only bought two TV series on iTunes in my entire life, one was 9 By Design (the other was the Rachel Zoe Project.) I have loved the Novogratz family and their design firm for 10 years. It is eclectic modern done with so much joy each space I watched unfold would leave me jaw dropped. This is how I remember them but now they’re all so grown up. Novogratz FamilyAnd check out these kids names: Wolfgang, Holleder, Tallulah, Breaker, Robert (dad), and Five. Bottom row: Bellamy, Cortney (mom), and Major.

Anyway, they helped me revamp the big boys’ room since it hasn’t been touched in several years. We had iron bunkbeds originally that Russ sawed in half when the boys weren’t digging the bunk style anymore. So yeah, we needed something new for sure. Their new Addison line at Walmart is freaking affordable ($200 or less) and all Scandinavian inspired, so perfect for what we’re working on for our new house! Check it out!Kids Furniture Under $200

Headboard // Desk // Daybed // Nightstand // 6 Drawer Dresser // City Bookshelf //

We picked their wingback headboard for $55 for both their beds:Room Make over
I love the simple detailing of this bed. The wingbacks, the two panel natural wood with white on the bottom. Its so clean and streamlined.Kids Furniture Under $60 This wall stayed as is, I still love it and it fits this new room decor SO much better! Eyelashes // Ragamuffin Pennant // Wild and Free Banner // Yarn hanging // Boys portrait by Mer Mag. Kids Furniture Under $60 Rose gold cup // DIY notebookThese faux antlers are a funny story… I used to do visuals and merchandising at Gap for years and years. One day I was cleaning out the prop storage room when we stumbled on these antlers from Banana Republic who we shared the room with. I never yelled DIBS so fast, but I was beat out by my friend and photographer Matt Clayton. He had them for 10+ years when a few months ago he texted me and asked if I wanted them. DIBS! Kids Furniture Under $60I love that its so neutral you can add pops of color and have it still feel peaceful and minimal.Kids Furniture Under $60Its amazing how a few tweaks here and there with the new headboards, new comforter and sheets, they LIVE in this room now. They were so freaking happy and excited. I love kids, they make the small things so much better.

Kids Furniture Under $150

Metal Bed // TV Screen Pillows // White Bathroom Set // Matte Navy Bunkbeds // Bathroom Set // Border Pillows

And a few more I love!

Duvet Set

$260 Couch!!






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