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This post has come at a high request so I am glad to finally have it ready to go today! Looking through it seems like a ridiculous amount of hair products, but this is over a week or more time span so I promise it’s not a high maintenance routine! I am the laziest!

It’s funny how when my hair was platinum I rarely if ever got questions about it (with the exception of who did the color) and as soon as I went darker it’s been insane. If you’re looking for a head of hair that people want to know about – get a mid length cut with some layers in front and have some dimension in your color. Ha!Small Fry Hair FAQ

  1. Who does your hair? My sister Bethany does my hair! Follow her on Instagram here! She works at Salon K in Provo Utah (801) 226-7985 and is incredibly talented and down to earth. You can sit in her chair for 4 hours and walk away looking and feeling great! I recommend her to anyone and everyone! She’s been working for probably 10 years by now and she slays blondes, pixie cuts, extensions, styling, a blowout that lasts a week and does the coolest braids and up-dos around. To name a few.

We worked on these two tutorial posts for girl’s hair ideas HERE and HERE and they both went viral. Her bang braid is my favorite tutorial ever and people die over it every time.  

2. What color is it? I went from several years at platinum blonde to something closer to my natural color. She left the blond highlights throughout, but more concentrated around my face since I wanted to still feel blonde. Obviously if you’re going from platinum to a darker color the color mix is going to be different but my hair is a level 5 in the back and 6 in front. And a 4 when I am pregnant!

3. How do you style it? So I wash it a couple times a week (after workouts normally, there’s no reviving post-High Fitness hair, nor would I want to because, gross) and let it AIR DRY. I haven’t used a blow dryer in years. I use this microfiber hair turban to get the moisture out quickly and without damage. I use this wide tooth comb as well! Everything else rips/breaks my hair!small fry hair FAQOnce it’s dry I’ll tease up a few pieces around the back crown with this teasing brush. It’s perfect for a slick high pony, parting hair and an all around must-have!! My hair has natural curl in the back, but the front pieces are stick straight. So I’ll put some curls through the sides and front and crown. I leave the back pieces in their natural curl. I use this 1 Inch Curl Bar. I bought it originally because I hate curling my hair (thick haired girls understand, my arm gets tired, ha!) and thought the angle would make it easier and it totally does!

Then I spray this Kristin Ess Working Texture Spray while I run my fingers through and separate the curls. If I want more grit and mess I’ll use her Beach Wave Spray. Or, this set has both products plus my favorite hair pin (I’ll put damp hair up in that and let it dry and it has crazy amazing volume! So pretty for little up-dos, too!) Then I finish it with this hair spray. It smells incredible and I have had this bottle for YEARS.

Overnight I’ll throw my hair up in a scrunchie at night to keep the volume up and oils from matting my hair down too much. Get them for cheap wherever. These are cute!

In between washes: on day two and three I usually need a little dry shampoo to get some volume back. My favorite ever got discontinued and then reformulated (never the same, Suave.) and I have tried and hated so many, but R+CO or Klorane are great options! I hate having dry feeling hair so to keep it soft on the off-days I use this Dry Bar Dry Conditioner and it makes my hair so freaking soft. NOTHING SMELLS BETTER, too. This one is heavier duty and worn at night!Small Fry Hair FAQ

4. What did you do to help post-platinum? After damaging my hair so much with bleach I took a break to focus on getting healthy, long hair back. So I wash with It’s a 10 Keratin Shampoo + Conditioner (I’m not seeing the size I have online, but you can buy it in a salon supply store!) take Biotin, throw a collagen peptide into my drink of water and do this hair mask maybe once or twice a month? You will freak out when you see how soft your hair is after using it. Mine never feels better!! Also, when I go into to see Bethany she’ll do an Olaplex hair mask as well!

Hopefully I got them all answered, let me know if not!





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