hale center theatre [giveaway!]

Photos by Hale Center Theatre.

I can’t say enough good things about Hale Center Theatre. They have multiple locations now but when I was 9 until now their cozy Orem, Utah location was my jam. We had season tickets each year and they always put on such an amazing show. To see what Hale has accomplished over the last two decades and now their inaugural season at their 120,000 square foot 80 million dollar theater in Sandy is really special and close to my heart! Their new theater is gorgeous (Russ of course had to point out all the excellent finish work) state of the art and is the most technologically advance theater in the world. Their stages alone took my breath away how they break apart, raise and lift, and sink below the ground. It adds such a magical quality to their productions and really makes the story come to life in a whole new way! At the same time I love the nostalgia of the Orem location and how there is 360 degree seating. They also added LED screens overhead to really make you feel immersed in the set. So cool!We saw Hunchback of Notre Dame last night and I felt so much pride and shock that a production of that quality is only $30 a ticket. They are dedicated to keeping theater affordable so families can attend and I love that so much. I was that girl and I hope my boys are theater lovers, too! I wish you could see better in this photo but the actors are literally three stories up on this set. All raised from their lifts underground!I am giving away tickets today for the show of your choice, although Hunchback was so amazing and you have until March 31st if you want to cash in for that show! I’ll put details of how to enter on my Insta Stories as well as a tour of the theater!

Huge thanks to Hale Center Theatre for the fun evening, we will be back FOR SURE!




  1. on March 14, 2018 at 12:01 pm said:

    I watched your insta stories- didn’t see how to enter? But so excited to eventually see the new theater!

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