Easter Best with H&M

Sponsored by H&M.

Easter Best is so fun to dress the family for. Bright colors, Spring is in the air, everything is fresh and budding. I’ve got lots of outfit ideas for you, your kids (girl’s too), in today’s post with H&M. My #1 favorite place to shop for me and the kids, hands down. Check out their entire Spring Occasion shop here!Easter Best with H&MFirst and foremost, I am FAH-REAKING out about the fit on Hayes’ suit. [Jacket // Pants // Shoes ] It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m so grateful H&M has their 8-14 year section, I feel like a lot of brands forget about this age!Easter Best with H&MCal’s suit is darling as well. [Jacket // Pants // Sneakers.] It’s cuffed but not tacked so you can get lots of inches out of it when you uncuff! They both have the adjustable waist option too which is so great for these kids who are growing like weeds! (All kids?)Easter Best with H&MI love a romper on a baby boy. They always have great options! I also love these slip on sneakers. I buy them for all the boys each season because they’re so fast in a rush!Easter Best with H&MI never say no to tomato red and this dress is less than $30! With these floral mules. these amazing mod daisy earrings (major Edie Sedgwick vibes!) and this lip matches the dress pretty spot on!Easter Best with H&M So so happy with my H&M Haul! They never fail!Easter Best with H&M

MORE H&M FINDS! All day today they’re offering 20% of $50 Kids so its perfect timing to snag some Easter, Spring, Spring Break finds!

Make-up Sources: Primer, Foundation (I wear 120!), Bronzer, Highlight, Blush, Eyeliner, Palette, Lip, Setting Spray (this one is 40% off!)





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