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Happy Monday guys! Today at 10 am MST (so right this second!) Freshly Picked launching a super secret program. They didn’t advertise it AT ALL but gave me a heads up to let you guys know!They’re launching their brand new Fringe membership where you pay $10/month which automatically transfers to $10 credit to shop and unlocks awesome perks like 20% off your purchases, access to products before anyone else and best of all you can cancel anytime, no hoops to jump through! Your $10 credit can also accrue over time (up to a year) so you don’t lose it if you don’t shop that month!

Did your mind go there, too?  BACKPACK! This is the very first time the backpack has the possibility of a discount since the early bird Kickstarter and I know thousands of you have your eye on it. NOW is the time! All their colors are in stock and of all the diaper bags I have bought or been sent this one is truly my favorite. If I were you I’d jump on this! You can sign up for Fringe here and see how you like it!Freshly Picked BackpackSo why the diaper backpack? First of all it’s chic and has no diaper bag tells from the outside. But inside it’s magic. It holds its shape so it doesn’t have the blackhole effect. There’s spots for all the baby necessities and more like a laptop, it wipes clean, travels well so you can use it for truly anything you need. Of all the diaper bags I’ve purchased or been sent over the years, this is my favorite. No hesitation on that!Freshly Picked BackpackMy next purchase would be SANDALS! I grabbed these for Raleigh for our Spring Break trip and I am dead! They are genuine leather, the strap has no prongs, but works with some magic tension system so it’s super easy to put on a wriggling toddler. I love how classic they are and that they’re so easily transferable between genders which is great for hand-me-downs! I have the Malibu and Carmel and love both!

And then don’t forget the classic MOCCASINS! One thing that is so amazing about Freshly  Picked is that all these items not only last, but hold their value. You can pass them between siblings and friends or but also there are a ton of Buy Sell Trade pages too. I don’t know of many other kid brands that have that perk of making money back after you use up and item!

Happy Freshly Picked shopping!!




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