Got nothing for Easter? Same boat. I rounded up Easter Basket fillers that you can ship Prime-style to your house just in time – but like order it right now. Also if you stick with me, I am showing you how to turn your Easter Basket finds into Spring Break activities for the WHOLE week. Ready?



Block Art is a fun creative gift and it’s quiet so it can come with you on road trips, to church and all ages can have fun with it!

This sticker set would be so fun to divvy out, gift the whole thing your older child to decorate their binders or new skateboard (below.) Stretch out the sticker fiesta and have a fake auction with monopoly money. Let them buy sell and trade their favorites.

Non-drying clay. Get on board, and let’s forget Play Doh ever existed. This doesn’t dry out!

Craft Box. Craft projects galore and who has all this stuff on hand anyway?

These DIY nesting eggs would be such a fun activity to do before Easter and then stuff them for the big day! Use that craft bin to jazz them up, paint, markers, washi tape. Then you also have a fun Easter Heirloom when you’re done!


Sport cones are not only good for making goals and sidelines but also obstacle courses, tracks for your scooters, three legged races, hop on one foot and any other bogus race style you can think of to tire them out.

Penny Boards are $100+ dollars but these knock off small boards are only $30. A great option to see if you kid even likes skateboarding first, ha! But also, my kids luge on theirs, race on their bums, race their toys against each other, make our poor chickens ride on them.

Walkie Talkies provide a little extra fun for all your Spring Break activities. Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunt, Steal the Flag, but get a 4 pack because if you have more than 2 kids it’s a fight every time.

Globber Scooters are almost half the price of Micro and just as good. They will carry your kid from 15 months (Raleigh started then, no lie) to 8 years old and beyond. The best investment you will make for your kid!

No one is more uneasy about including water guns (always too soon) but this will come in handy for a DIY idea I have coming later this week! Trust! Take it as an opportunity to talk about what guns are for and how to be extra safe and conscientious.

That same DIY needs Tempera Paints and this set is stellar. Washable Paint will provide you unlimited fun with your kids. Stock up!

Indoor/Outdoor Option with this Road Tape! Build Cities with your blocks, plastic animals, make your cities rules and laws, have an election. I don’t know man, get through it is what I am saying.

Bubbles. A Springtime essential. Grab a 6 pack for the whole family and then this giant bubble making set! A whole bubble themed day right here!

Another pack idea with  jump ropes, easy sibling gifts that later can be accessories to your race day, a way to get wiggles out indoors, who can jump the longest contest.

Swim Clothes: If you have even a remotely warm day get outside for your Bubble Day, Water Balloons, Lawn Games and set them up with some cute swim shorts (I love Volcom because they look like shorts when they’re dry.) Waterproof shoes (If you don’t know Natives are life and have been since Hayes was 1.) and a freaking cute Swim Suit + Turban Set for your girl with these waterproof Birkenstocks! (cute style here too!) I did a HUGE round up of suits in this post here so check it out if you want more options!


This sleeping bag is great for a fun night out under the stars but also for their daily reading time, sibling or cousin sleepover, watching a movie on a rainy day and more. Set them up with this flashlight to make everything extra exciting.

Ring Toss // Croquet // Giant Jenga // Lawn Bowling — all of which easily transport inside if weather isn’t great!


CodeNames is one of our favorite games to play with friends and this kid version lets them in on the fun, too!

These Letz Talk cards can inspire deep conversations all Spring Break long. Have them practice writing or typing skills and write their answers, get them journals or notebooks for a place to keep their responses. Then write your own responses back to them and BAM you’ve got yourself a mom and son/daughter journal to pass back and forth!

Dress Up Magnet Dolls – This can go two ways. Make everything a conversation and talk about the pros and cons of each vocation. Its always hilarious to see what kids think about jobs and what would make them fur or awful in their brains. Or take it the fashion route and tell them they have to design their own paper doll outfit out of consturction paper, or creating something for their sibling or friend just out of toilet paper. Model your fashions for everyone and watch the magic unfold. I did this as a kid at my birthday party one year and it was a blast.


If you’ve got a smaller toddler these gifts are great for them! Sorting Blocks Box // Balancing Block Game // Fruit Slicing 



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