fever few braid how-to

I am obsessed with Chamomile and tiny Daisies and I didn’t know the name until now, but Fever Fews! I thought this would be such a fun twist on a braid crown, something special for a musical festival, Easter or Mother’s Day, a special photoshoot, going to Costco. I’m not picky.

Styled by @bk_hairdesign for @salonk_

Fever Few Braid How To

Fever Few Braid How To

  1. Part the hair down the center, doing two Dutch braids (or inverted, where you pull the hair up and over the braid instead of underneath it.) all the way to the ends of your hair.
  2. Take the end of your right braid and lay it on top of the left braid. Tuck the ends underneath the left Dutch braid, pinning the left braid over the ends of the right braid to hide them.
  3. Repeat on the other side, but tuck the left braid under the right braid. Pull the braid apart slightly to thicken it, and to hide any bobby pins!


Fever Few Braid How To4. Fever Fews are a good pick because they have really long stem options so you can tuck them in pretty well without extra pins! I got bunches at Bloomique in Provo for super cheap!Fever Few Braid How To

hai Fever Few Braid How To


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