hair how-to: half up fish tail

Next up in our Mom + Daughter hair do series with Salon K is Jalynn Schroeder of @jalynnschroeder on Instagram, The Red Closet Diary blog, one of the top dogs at Lipsense and mama to Charlie and one on the way! Jalynn (Jay-lynn) is building a house as well and I always love following along others’ processes! Her house will be in the Parade of Homes this Summer so follow along to see her ultra cool modern build!

This half up fish tail style is making me heart-eye all over the place so let’s see how they did it!How To: Half Up Fish Tail

1. Add hairspray, dry shampoo, or a texture spray for grip. How To: Half Up Fish Tail

2. Curl hair (used 1” barrel) Tip: curl front sections away from the face then alternate each section while leaving ends out.How To: Half Up Fish Tail

3. Create a side part and on the bigger part grab a section from the top and start a fishtail braid all the way to the bottom. Secure with elastic. How To: Half Up Fish Tail

4. Pull out sides of the braid for more volume and texture.

5. Grab a section from the other side and combine with the braid in the back creating a half up half down ponytail. Secure with elastic.

6. (Optional) 2in from where last elastic was put add another elastic and pull apart making a bubble for a fun look in the back.

7. (Optional) To add more texture or detail add a regular braid to either side.

How To: Half Up Fish Tail

Is that not the coolest of all? They also styled her daughter’s hair with these sweet braided buns!

1.  Part hair down the middle all the way down, and separate sections.

2. Grab first section and start Dutch or French braiding in the front and stopping once you hit the crown (or wherever you want the bun to be). Braid all the way down and secure with elastic. Repeat on the other side. Baby Bun Braids

3. Clip braids out of the way and brush the hair that was left out towards the braid. Unclip braid and combine both making a pigtail. Secure with elastic.

4.  Wrap hair and braid together making a bun and secure with elastic. You can choose to leave braid in the bun or take it out before wrapping. I decided to leave it in to give it texture.

The best part of this style is you can get so many looks out of it for example leaving hair down with both braids hanging. Or instead of making 2 buns leaving hair out for 2 pigtails. There’s so many options to get creative with this style.


How To: Half Up Fish Tail Thanks for coming girlies!! Be sure and follow @jalynnschroeder, she’s one of my favorite follows!


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