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We are officially in the flooring stage of things and everyday the house feels like so much progress! You can catch a video tour on Instagram Stories and today I wanted to share plans and inspiration and a few design dilemmas that we’ve run into!

Tile galore. We opted for tile throughout for its hardiness and wearability. Everything with the exception of the loft is tiled! The loft will have carpet, even though it is my mortal enemy. My plan for sore feet and backs is house slippers for all and area rugs. 😉

Black Marble

Frame Farme

Laundry Pan Floors // White Marble Closet

Frame Farme

Square floor tile and subway surrounds – Classentino Marble in Polished WhiteFrame Farme Frame Farme

#1 — I was pretty adamant about keeping the TV off the focal point wall. So the fireplace will have a mantle over it and then the TV will be on the left side wall. I really don’t want to cover the fireplace at all but also didn’t factor the size of the room so what the layout of the furniture will be is proving to be tricky! (Flooring is Chateau Reserve in Hickory Grove)My friend sent me this interior by Stephane Parmentier and I think it will solve my problems! Framing the space with a huge neutral rug. Adding a long – 9 foot? – sofa (not a sectional) putting it on the right side of the fireplace with an ottoman or coffee table. Then placing a set of chairs across from it (with their backs to the TV) seems to be the best answer. But, am I in for a lifetime of people turning the chairs around to watch the TV? Is the main seating TOO far away from the screen? We have the basement bonus room that I hope will be where we go to watch most TV but I definitely want it to be functional without blasting the TV volume. 

#2 We’re pouring the front and back porches next week and deciding what those will look like. Which launches us into landscaping (which I was not emotionally prepared for, ha!) You can see the back yard won’t be getting a ton of sun with the way the house is laid out. Which means potentially muddy/wet ground. We know we want a good size cement pad to entertain and hang out on. Since it’s all stucco back there (so hard to find a place to transition materials when it’s ALL ONE PIECE!) I’d like to break it up with little vignettes like this – where there’s other materials brought in in front of the stucco.Frame Farme Inspiration The pad will nearly match the shadow lines in this picture. My dilemma is how to transition from cement to lawn. Russ says we should do something with curves to it so it looks more custom, but I think it might be too different than the style of the house? Here are a few other options!Frame Farme

Steps down?Frame Farme Inspiration

Gradually transitioning to grass with pavers or cement blocks ?Images from Houzz.


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