hair how-to: half up twisted braid

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I’ve got another stellar hair how-to for you guys today! Here’s a peek but first, let’s intro the real reason for today’s how-to! Sunny Day is a new show on Nick Jr. all about three best friends who run a beauty salon in Friendly Falls. This show would’ve been my dream as a kid — I loved doing fun hair styles, painting my nails, and my crazy outfits were the talk of my mom’s friends! Most importantly I love how the show drips with kindness. These characters aren’t sassy or bratty in the slightest which is my usual qualm with TV aimed for girls. Tune in weekdays on Nickelodeon to catch Sunny Day.Half Up Hair How ToAt the end they show you how to recreate the styles in the storyline which I thought was so cute. Even as an adult I sometimes feel like wanting to be creative with clothes, make-up or hair is seen as superficial, but I couldn’t disagree more. It is an art form, a creative expression, self-care and a talent all rolled into one and encouraging kids to pursue the things that make them feel happy and fulfilled (whether its this, sports, science, animals, etc) is so important!And to see a show not only teach about that but also how to be a good friend and a little entrepreneur is so great! So without further ado. Sunny Day + Small Fry present today’s how to:


Half Up Braid How To

  1. Curl hair / Or keep straight! You can see both up top!
  2. Take front section and twist it in the back on both sides, do this three times with another front section each time.
  3.  Pin the twists up on top of the head and take a new section midway down, braiding to the bottom.
  4. Release the top twists and fish tail braid the ends.
  5. Pull out ends of both braids to make them fatter.
  6. Wrap a piece around the twists to cover the elastic.

My boys watched the whole episode totally entranced! Sunny Day airs on Nick Jr. and is chock full of hair tutorials, games and activities and full episodes, too! Have a Sunny Day!

Photos by Shanoah Lauren




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  • Gameimake
    May 10, 2018 at 8:41 am

    Wow…Pictures is good. like your hair color and perfect hairstyle in your hairs.


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