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Today is the last day to cash in on 10-15% off on ALL your Sephora favorites. As is customary this year I am laser focused on the deals on top of today’s deal. So check these out and I’ll tell you why it’s smart!

***Perfume Sampler – $65 and you get to test out a bundle of favorites. Travel size that will last you a good while. BUT! Then you get a certificate to cash in for your very favorite perfume. For $65. It’s valued at over $100.
1.Urban Decay setting spray + primer. This is my favorite setting spray!! All of it for $19.

2. You probably have heard people RAVE about Tatcha products. Their water cream is usually $100+ but it’s worth even that. So why not try it + other products for $60?

3. This Becca Highlighter probably says its sold out above but its a glitch. ALL colors were adding to my cart. Becca highlighter is my favorite. Its so smooth and has great pigment pay off. So many colors to choose from, too! $17 right now so 50% off and then your 10-15% too!

4. This might be the best deal of all but it does require an investment. Spend $300 but get  $460 worth of goods. Dry Bar’s famous curl wand, blow dryer, brush, clips, and three different styling products. This stuff is cult status!  Go in with a friend, buy the set, keep the ones you need, gift the rest and do it all at essentially 50% off.

5. Fenty Trio — highlighter, blush, contour, but also lip, eye, whatever. Does it all and everyone Ive tried is incredible. Rihanna for the freaking win. Worth $75 but on sale for $54 + the discount.

6. Anastasia Palette – This palette has so many rich amazing colors you will be able to create any bold or neutral look you want. On sale from $42 to $31 + discount.
7. Another Fenty duo for anyone who doesn’t like investing until they KNOW they love a product. (Me. I am that girl.) For anyone who can’t get to a Sephora to save your life and who hates returning opened product. Me. All me. I can watch reccs all day but it means virtually nothing until I try it myself. This is $23 and you’ll get access to two of the hottest products around!
8. Ole Henricksen gets a lot of play on the accounts I follow so I am basically just waiting for an excuse to try it myself. This set is for aging, yes please. Valued at $110 but packaged for $70.
9. It Cosmetics Under Eye, BB and CC cream is highly highly recommended in my crowd This is $20 off already and you get a bunch of packets and samples to try in addition to the CC cream.
So, there you have it! Scam that sale, babe. You deserve it and they won’t know what hit ’em. Any other must have deals I missed?


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