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It’s starting to warm up here and with that and all our endless baseball games I feel like we’re eating in the yard, or the bleachers almost every night! I love eating al fresco, but there are definitely some items that make it a bit easier!outdoor dinner mustsI teamed up with bubba (you can find their products in store at Walmart!) to share my favorite items for eating outside!

First, bubba® has a ounce thermos called the Trailblazer that fits 40 ounces and keeps liquids cold for 42 hours and hot for 12 without so much as a sweat! So it’s perfect for picnics and eating on the go and I don’t have to refill it too often!outdoor dinner mustsI make a big batch of my kids favorite drink, soda water with lemons and limes and lots of ice! I pack it up and let it sort of meld together before dinner and when I bring it out to pour, it’s as cold as ever!outdoor dinner mustsI also love having a caddy for condiments, utensils, napkins, salt and pepper to just grab and go when we’re heading outside.outdoor dinner mustsWhen we’re eating outside at home we’re not too far from the grill so we love doing burgers or my kids favorite: skewers!outdoor dinner mustsA mandolin is a BBQ night must with all the chopped veggies for skewers, onions and pickles for burgers. My other favorite gadget is this garlic zoom which chops garlic without any mess and the easiest cleanup! Makes it easy to add fresh garlic to the spread for the burger or a dip for the veggies.outdoor dinner mustsOf course don’t forget that bubba holds hot liquid too so in this crazy Utah weather I can pack hot chocolate for those nights where Hayes’ baseball games turn cold. That has come in handy several times this month!outdoor dinner musts bubba makes water bottles in several sizes so you can create a batch for the whole family or an individual serving for work. Better yet: you can find all your dining al fresco needs Walmart along with the Trailblazer!outdoor dinner musts

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  • NIcole Tully
    May 7, 2018 at 9:32 am

    Such a fun post…we looooove Bubba cups and water bottles at our house 👍🏻
    Also, count me in for that FP backpack 😍💞🍎


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