primed for mother’s day

Is anything not last minute around here lately? That’s just where I am at right now, and it will hopefully benefit some of you, too!

GIFTS FOR ME, FOR MY MOM, FOR MY FRIENDS that will arrive just in time!

Mother's Day in 2 Days

Sam Edelman Circus “Stevie” – These criss cross striped heels (so many more colors, too!) are so perfect and easily translate to Fall with their color palette. So cute with a denim skirt, jeans, a floaty Summer dress. So cheap too! $27!

Seychelles “Beau Slide” – These criss cross flats caused a huge ruckus last year when I bought a similar pair. They sold out to never return and these look like even higher quality! I love the squared off toe shape.

Rose Hip Face Oil – my friends all swear by this. If you have dry skin it will transform it!

Gold + Snail Eye Gels An easy gift for any age or interests. And it’s $12 but I don’t think you could guess by looking at it. The gel is so luxe and cooling and is such a fun way to pamper yourself with ease. K Beauty, so you know its legit!

Dolce Vita “Cato” Slide – I feel like this is the shape of the Summer. I’ve already seen it everywhere but DV has so many color options and the genuine leather looks so much better when it’s worn in than the cheap Old Navy ones!

Quay After Hours – These are my favorite sunnies of all time. The matte black holds up so nicely (no scratching or smudging) and its such a great shape. I love the little bit of edge it gives.

Laneige Sleeping Masks – this comes with 2 Lip Masks and 2 Water Masks for $23. You can buy the lip mask on its own for $12 so I feel like this is some crazy mistake of a deal. Grab it while it’s hot! Split it with a friend, gift them to sisters, whatever!

Self Watering Herb Garden – For the mom who wants to garden but literally cannot deal. Enjoy the fruits of this garden without killing it all off or overwatering it.

Bed Sheflie – Got a pregnant mama to buy for? I want this either way, but I feel like it would be so nice so they wouldn’t have to roll over to get to their bedside table.

Silk Pillowcase – if you don’t want face wrinkles, get a silk pillowcase. I sleep literally with my face smashed into the bed and wake up with lines where my cheeks bend into my nose. HELP!

Lark & Ro skirt – I think no matter what style you’re buying for this skirt would be a great addition to any closet. Flattering to all figures, interesting hemline but still totally versatile. It comes in navy too, and is $25!

Call me crazy but I think this Ella Moon dress would be darling on a 65 year old or a 20 year old. The high neck ruffle is so cool but its bright and fun and can be styled a myriad of ways. More colors too!

Gingham Rug – Did McGee and Co. start this layered door mat thing? Before too long I feel like I’ve seen SO many people doing it, and surprisingly I still love it! This gingham runner is big enough for that layered look. You mom will feel so cool and trendy!

Dyson Cordless Handheld – You’ll never know how much you can benefit from a cordless handheld vacuum until you have one. I use mine ALL DAY long. I wish I had one near my car for quick clean ups, best part is my kids fight over using ours. They WANT TO CLEAN people, this not a drill!

Packing Cubes – Something everyone has their eye one but (if you’re me) no one wants to buy. Its just not a priority unless you have an imminent trip. And for that reason would make such a great gift!!

Transparent 3 Pack – another traveling gift! Except I use mine all the time in my purses for make-up, coupons, receipts, cords when I am going to need work stuff. Love them!

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