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Even though I am a planner at heart, Summer is full of spontaneous fun for us. Lots of last minute plans and blocks of time opening up when naps go ary, I just like to be well prepared for any fun event if we’re out and about or need to split quickly, so I try to keep the car well stocked. But let it be said I don’t have a huge trunk, so as much as I’d love to get the wagon on this list, these are things I can fit and carry myself!

Ready? On-the-go faves!

summer on the go

  1. Kindhood Towel. I don’t bring towels anymore. I make my kids put on their hooded towels and they are in charge of them from start to finish! It’s SO much easier and the sheer real estate they free up in my bag is life altering. Terry underneath and softest Pima cotton on top so they’re absorbent, warm, and luxe. Worth every penny for sure.
  2. Waterproof, portable blue tooth speaker! Toss it in your bag and have that playlist ready. I love that it clips!
  3. Backpack beach chairs might not be the coolest thing ever to wear but I NEED MY HANDS. Then once you set it up it has pockets for your phone and valuables and I love this red orange color. You can get them with canopies for shade (nursing moms, hit that one hard!)
  4. Stackable snack containers. Keep them all in one place, easy to grab and go, and plenty of options for a variety of kids!
  5. I fell hard for my bubba tumbler and love this even bigger size! Keep your whole family hydrated and your drink icy. Also WAY less than Yeti or Hydroflask.
  6. Mini Detangling Brushes: My kids hair is all long and frankly, a nightmare at times but especially after the pool. I keep a mini wet brush in my car, my bag, in each bathroom. I LOVE these! 6 Pack is worth it, I promise!
  7. Shiny Happy is all natural and works amazingly well. I love how my kids hair feels after it dries which if you’ve tried detangling sprays you KNOW not all are created equal.
  8. Nothing makes me feel more like shutting down Summer fun like a dead phone. No more of that! External Charger, top rated and affordable!
  9. If I pass on one legacy let it be the power of Bull Frog. I grew up in Arizona desert sun using this and swear by it still. It works so well but you’ll still get a wicked tan through it. This is what we bring to Lake Powell, an all day pool day. Its the best.
  10. Face Stick is another must. So much easier on wriggling kids.
  11. Getting another batch of these clear bags for the pool bag, wet suits, sunscreen, a place to put cash and coin for that gosh darn snack shack. Pack lunches or snacks in them, clear for life.
  12. Bags are intensely personal but I found 4 that I think would be amazing for a Summer on-the-go bag. First is this striped cooler. If you’re packing food and drinks to the beach it would be amazing for that, but also fits a ton of other things, too!
  13. This huge Zara tote is $18! Great for dry things and an a super affordable option.
  14. This CleverMade collapsible bag seems ideal because it’s wipeable, folds down flat when you’re not using it, holds its form, has long handles.
  15. This speckled Baggu version is gorgeous and the zipper at the top is the best feature I’d say. Stands on its own and is large enough for ALL.THE.THINGS.

And don’t forget the blanket! I love this one from Andean Beginnings – its enormous and so pretty.



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